July 30, 2012

Lipstick Collection

I just wanted to share and do a review on the lipstick collection I currently own!

1. Maybelline Colorsensational in Sugared Almond
2. Maybelline Water Shiny Pure in #210 (bought in Japan)
3. Revlon Colorburst in Soft Nude
4. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple
5. KATE Nudist Designing Lip in BE-2 (bought in Japan)
6. Canmake Melty Nude Lip in #03 (bought in Japan)
7. Chanel in #139

(Lol, I have to apologize in advance for my ashy, uneven-toned skin :P)

Maybelline Colorsensational in Sugared Almond. Nude color with a bit of sparkle to it. When I started getting more into lipstick, I actually started off with the Colorsensational line and I was pretty pleased. It's not too drying on the lips. As for longevity, it lasts for a while before having to reapply. The only downside to this brand is that it has a sort of playdough smell to it :\

My rating: 3.5/5

Maybelline Water Shiny Pure in #210. I'm not sure if America has released this line, maybe under a different name, but I bought this in Japan. I love red lipstick but I hate how drying it can be. I was at the drugstore for hours looking at lipstick and stumbled across this. I know red lipstick looks best when it's matte on the lips, but this has got to be my most used red lipstick. It's VERY moisturizing and never dried up my lips. It lasts for a while without much reapplying, but the only down side is that maybe because it's too moisturizing, it tends to run a bit. A bit of setting with a powder or foundation around the lip should do the trick.

My rating: 4.5/5

Revlon Colorburst in Soft Nude. This particular lipstick I decided to pick up because this color received many raves from women everywhere and also whenever I would go to the store, it'd be sold out. I definitely had to see what the buzz was about. True to it's color name, it's a nice shade to wear with anything. Makes me feel sophisticated. It can be a bit drying, but I like to put a nice lip top coat on it. Towards the end of this post, I mention which ones I use.

My rating: 4.5/5

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple. Another line off of the Colorburst collection from Revlon. I decided to try this out after seeing Emma Stone endorsing this lipstick. They claim this is lip nourishing which I can definitely feel when I apply it on. It goes on very very smoothly and almost reminds me of the Maybelline Water Shiny Pure lipstick, except a bit more thicker and not so runny. The color is very vibrant, not your usual red. I do like this lip butter a lot!

My rating: 5/5

KATE Nudist Designing Lip in BE-2. Again, another nude color. This brand was recommended to me by Monica who really loves the KATE brand so of course I had to try it also! Unlike Monica where this brand looks phenomenal on her, this lipstick was a bit too drying for my lips. I do love the color so much that I couldn't bare to not use it once in a while even though it's drying to my lips.

My rating: 3/5

Canmake Melty Nude Lip in #03. I grew to really love the brand Canmake when I was in Japan. I honestly bought this color because at the time I was living in Japan, baby pink on lips was in. Maybe at the time it suited me (my hairstyle and hair color was different) but as of now, I have to put this color away. Especially since coming back to Hawaii and getting tan again, this color does nothing for me. Oh well :(

This lipstick was drying though. You would need to put a top coat over it.

My rating: 2/5

Finally, my favorite lipgloss thus far, Chanel in #139. This very sheer lipgloss with sparkle is very flattering on my lips. It's not too sticky as I have experienced with many brand name lipglosses and it lasts quite a while.

It definitely completes my makeup once I apply it on. I don't know what else to say about but that it's Chanel <3

My rating: 5/5

When I'm not in the mood to wear lipstick, these are my daily lip care.

EOS in mint
Canmake Lip Care Essence
Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
(I use Vaseline also!)

I definitely can't leave the house without any of them. I literally get into a panic if I can't find it in my bag.

EOS and Burts Bees are good brands and I personally like anything minty so of course I got EOS in mint. They both offer that nice minty smell as well as that cooling sensation. I can't get enough of it.

Canmake Lip Care Essence is my ultimate lip top coat. You can wear it alone as well, it gives the lips a nice shine. The only problem for some people is that it has that plumping effect, but that doesn't really bother me.

What are your faves?


  1. I have always been a big fan of revlon lip products. I have so many I think the lip butters are my favorite!
    thanks so much for gettin me hooked on the eos haha!

  2. I really can't go out with any lip balm products, I get really nervous when that happens and mostly I just buy a new one in a store nearby (are you losing your lip balms as often as I do? Like.. every fuckin' week or something? =_=" ) I like the red shades on you, the others seem to make you a bit pale? (Or maybe it's just the pictures?) I only came into lipstick a month ago and own a single lipstick, hope to grow my collection soon too ^-^

  3. I love the nude color and the red color lipstick a lot.
    I also can't leave the house without Chapstick of some sort, I'd die O__O
    I was going to ask, how do you like the EOS? I know it's really popular lately!

    I personally don't use a lot of lip stuff besides chapstick lol. I'm so lazy T-T

  4. omg i can't live without my EOS minty balm either!!! It's so minty and awesome! My former love was Burt's Bees! They have tinted balms now :D I like those

  5. I think I have that same Chanel lipgloss~ :3 it's my fav too ;w;

  6. Oh jk I just checked... I have #407 but it looks almost the same ^^

  7. I love Burts Bees - especially their tinted lip balms. I'm so glad that they sell them over in the UK now as for a while, you could only buy them online. I really like the Revlon lip butters. I only have one and they glide on pretty easily, almost a bit too easily sometimes as I'll probably run out pretty quickly!


  8. oo0o0o0o i think i'll try that one next ;)

  9. i tried the tinted balms! but i think i'll always just be a "regular burts bees" user :D

  10. i really like the EOS! it's easy to apply because it just takes one sweep to get both lips! plus the packaging is unique and cute!

  11. lol! i'm the same. i really go into a panic! maybe the pics with the nude lips is just the pics. i'll try and take different pics later! you should do a review too :)

  12. the lip butters go on SOOO smoothly i love it! and yes those eos balms are awesome!! which one did you get?