May 21, 2011


The life of a study abroad student with lots of bills and no job. Oranges and homemade onigiri + hot green tea in the morning! :D


This month has been, by far the worse month for me since coming to Japan. 

Times are really hard (money wise) and I find myself stretching whatever I have left in my wallet as far as I can. 

Currently looking for a job and I think I may have found one, but it's unsure.

Also need to get a new fridge!!! The weather in Kyoto is getting hotter as of late so getting that fridge is on the top of my list.

My bike also has a flat tire and I pretty much have a test every day for every week this month. But I've always been an optimistic so I'm keeping my head up. 

Things are slowly starting to look up! 


What else I've been up to lately other than school:
During Golden Week, I visited my wifey, Monica in Tokyo! Stayed with her for 10 days. So much fun. I'd say that I'll post up pictures, but we'll see how long that'll be till I actually do haha

Can't wait for July, December and March! Why? Because...
  • JULY: My wifey Monica (cuterockmoni) will be visiting me here in Kyoto! Planning on going temple hopping, green tea cakes/drinks eating/drinking, karaoke-ing and then going to Osaka for Universal Studios (USJ)!
  • DECEMBER: My two 'feel enjoy' gals Janis (pinksugarichigo) & Lani (eat juice) will be visiting me in Kyoto!!! It'll be the most epic reunion EVER!
  • MARCH: My brother and sissyinlaw Liz (kashibang) will be visiting me too!