March 28, 2012

outfit post (dec 2011 - march 2012)

Just a couple of random selects of what I wore taken off of my instagram.
Have instagram too? Look for me! oalimay <3

Relaxing at home!
Headwrap: present from my bff, Monica (monrabu)
Oversized tee: g.u.
Leggings: got as a present

Cardigan: g.u.
Green dress: g.u.
Boots: given as a present
Heart necklace: guess
Mint sweater: Honeys
Plaid shorts: g.u.

Headwrap: Momoko
Knit blouse: Retro Girl Emsexcite
Denim: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Clef Del Sol

March 23, 2012

Back in Hawaii!

mom snapped a pic right when i got out of the airport lol. 
ALOHA. It's been about 2 weeks since coming back to Hawaii from Japan. I have to say that I got back into the swing of things right away. It's like I never left. Then again, one year isn't THAT long when you think about it. I'm still trying to get adjusted to the time though. My sleeping patterns are way off.

My last day in Japan was a bittersweet one. It snowed the last day, which was surprising because the weather as of late at the time was mostly sunny and rainy. I felt like it was Kyoto's farewell gift to me.

The view from my bedroom window.
That day, I was dressed to properly adapt to Hawaii's warm weather once I landed (refer to first pic) So I really had to endure this last snowy day in Japan.

Saori, me, Sarah and Satoko

This was taken right before I went through security check at Kansai International Airport. Me with my my Japanese friend and my German friend. I really wasn't expecting anyone to come see me off so this was such a BIG surprise. They also gave me farewell presents. They also helped me out A LOT. I don't travel alone often so I'm not too familiar with airport procedures, rules and whatnot. I was expecting to pay the excess weight for my luggage but my Japanese friends were able to configure around my things where it JUST hit the borderline of the weight limit. I didn't have to pay anything!

JUST made it!
After going through security, I hopped on the escalator going down to enter our gates and as I was going down I could see my friends. Before I disappeared from sight we were all blowing kisses to each other and at the very end I flashed a "shaka". 

There more things that happened during my flight back to Hawaii but I won't bore you with details. I'll just leave off with saying that I'm glad I got to study abroad. It really opened my mind and heart to new things about the world, people and most of all myself. 

Looking down at Japan while our plane was flying away from it, I silently whispered "bye bye, Japan" to myself. Thank you for everything Japan, till we meet again <3

NOW that I'm back home though I plan on revamping up my blog and catching up on a lot of posts! I first need to buy a new external harddrive, there is absolutely no more space in my computer to do any editing of pictures or videos so I hope to buy that some time soon! Till then, thank you to my loyal followers !