March 28, 2012

outfit post (dec 2011 - march 2012)

Just a couple of random selects of what I wore taken off of my instagram.
Have instagram too? Look for me! oalimay <3

Relaxing at home!
Headwrap: present from my bff, Monica (monrabu)
Oversized tee: g.u.
Leggings: got as a present

Cardigan: g.u.
Green dress: g.u.
Boots: given as a present
Heart necklace: guess
Mint sweater: Honeys
Plaid shorts: g.u.

Headwrap: Momoko
Knit blouse: Retro Girl Emsexcite
Denim: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Clef Del Sol

Fur scarf: Jumbo Store
Coat: Ross
"Rock The World Out" oversized sweater: (forgot the store name, somewhere in streets of Kawaramachi, Kyoto)
Teal tights: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Clef Del Sol

mint denim: g.u.
floral cardigan: Majestic Legon

dress: spinns
belt: Charlotte Russe

dress: spinns

dress: Forever 21
Belt: Charlotte Russe

red button up: H&M
skirt looking trousers: (i forgot! somewhere in Kyoto)
wedges: rope picnic
bag: thrifted

striped top: forever 21
boater hat: nasty gal

I'm waiting for my boxes I sent from Japan to arrive! Hopefully some time soon because my tripod is in one of those boxes and once that comes in, i'll try and take better outfit photos!


  1. Your cordo's are so cute! I love the leggings! : D It looks so warm. I also love the dress and the polka dots!

  2. thank you ^^ yeah those leggings are so warm! it kept me warm throughout winter~ thank you for reading <3

  3. Hey Juvy! Awww I love all of your outfits, super adorable. So how does it feel to be back? I read your last post and I enjoyed how you briefly talked about your experience in Japan. I bet you miss it a lot huh. Its just like when you get use to a new place and make new friends you don't want to go back home. But hey you can always visit :) just think of it as your second home.

    Glad to see you updating again, missed ya!


  4. hi jackie!!! thank you love <3 it feels a little strange still to be back but of course there is no place like home! <3 <3 <3