August 13, 2011


Ultra Light Texture
about ¥1680

Quite recently, a lot of hair dyes in Japan are turning into foam dyes to make it easier and less messy to dye your hair. I guess the foam craze caught on with makeup as well. Maybelline came out with a BB mousse recently and it's been getting a lot of attention. BB (blemish balm) creams are generally "healthier" to use for your skin rather than regular liquid foundations that can clog your pores. 

Why I bought it:
Aside from seeing this product being advertised everywhere with a number one ranking, possibly being a makeup revolution and it being sold out at every drug store I go to, I decided to buy it because the liquid foundation I was using at the time wasn't agreeing with my skin. I've used BB cream before and my skin seems to do better with it. So seeing all the pros that this new BB cream had to offer, I had to try it. The weather in Japan (especially in Kyoto) is very intense and right now we're in the middle of summer so I wanted a foundation that will at least let my skin breathe a little.

The product:
I was really surprised when I first tried it. It was definitely something new! The can's nozzle was basically like a mousse-can nozzle. Don't let the moussy texture fool you, it looks very light and airy but a little bit of it goes a long way. At the drugstore I only saw one tone (Ultra Light Texture). I don't consider myself light skinned but this BB cream eventually blends well into your skin tone. 

The verdict:
The way it comes out light and airy is exactly the way it feels on your skin. It feels really natural and so far I've sweated in it, wiped my face, worn it for hours and my skin faired pretty well with it! It doesn't smudge onto clothes either which is a major plus. The only con (for now) is that I think I still have to master the amount of mousse I need for perfect coverage but I know I'll be repurchasing this product again! 



  1. I wish this was available in the states! I like the idea of it being mousse texture so it is very lightweight! Does this only come in one shade or it's supposed to match a range of shades?

  2. I've always wanted to try it, but worried it wouldn't look good on my tan skin :( Hopefully they'll bring the BB line to the states since other brands are doing it now like MAC and Smashbox.

  3. If only they had had a drugstore brand of BB cream here D:
    But I hope they come out with darker shades because I'm not an "Ultra light" skin tone either

  4. i think it's weird that the imported products from america here aren't really american lol. they pretty much come out with different things! yeah i've tried maybelline's dream mousse and it was my favorite foundation for a while! so the idea of it being a lightweight BB mousse makes me extremely happy hehe. as for different shades, i've only ever seen 'ultra light' and i'm definitely not ultra light, but it does blend in well.

  5. i think it should be okay! it does go on light at first but blends well after. :)

  6. ohhh let me know if they ever do come out with one! it's a bit pricey but i think BB creams/mousse are well worth it! as for darker shades, i hope so too! but then again, the mousse does blend in quite well to match skin tone. i'm definitely not ultra light either!

  7. wow I've been wondering about this product for a while, thanks for the review! ~

  8. Wooow, this seems soooo interesting! I hope this will come to Germany as well... but I'm too dark for drugstore shades, I always have to buy MAC foundation or sth like this ):

  9. I'll definitely keep a look out (as I have been) ( ; w ;)
    I think I might just order some online somewhere to try it out! I'll keep the Maybelline mouse in mind!!!

  10. i hope it does too! :) but out of all the other brands i've tried of foundation, MAC would have to be my go to also!!!

  11. Ooh this sounds awesome! Thanks for the review! I haven't heard of it yet. I'm kinda late on all these new products :P but I hope they have it in America!

  12. I think they say 'Ultra Light' for their texture, not the shade. Actually this is more of neutral tone compare to other BB creams

  13. How do you apply this product? In Korea, they sell it with sponges as applicator, saying it is the best method. But I don't get any coverage with sponges, so I just used my foundation brush and fingers.
    I would like to know what they say in Japan, and how they apply it^^