August 25, 2011

Fushimi Inari ❦ Ten Thousands of Red Gates

If you ever get the chance to visit Japan, I think that visiting Fushimi Inari is a must. I'm lucky to live 10 minutes away (by train) from this beautiful shrine.  It's also free and always open so you can always find time to fit visiting this shrine anytime of day!

"Fushimi Inari is noted for its remarkable sight of some 
10,000 small torii (shrine gates) that arch 
over a long path up the hill behind the shrine. 
It takes about two hours to walk along the whole trail, 
and there are nice views of Kyoto from the top."

You may also recognize this shrine in the 2005 film "Memoirs of a Geisha".  Since most of the movie was filmed around Kyoto, I realized that I was able to visit those same places that were featured in the movie!

(2005) 'Memoirs of a Geisha' - Sayuri running through the gates

I went with my friend from Taiwan, Bunkei. We enjoyed the Torii and the peaceful scenery Fushimi Inari offered. When my other friends heard we went they thought "are you crazy?" meaning, 'it's still summer! you must've been dying!' Luckily it was a cloudy day, still a bit humid but we were still able to enjoy. I do want to enjoy Fushimi Inari during different seasons and even possibly at night too.

Our photos that day:

At the Fushimi Inari train station. Last pic to the left was actually taken way into our hike up.


First things first! Temizu (more info here)

The engravings you see on the Torii are names of companies or families who have donated to the shrine
It's a must for me to have a jumping picture!

The Inari Kitsune. Regarded as messengers.

These were so cute and amusing! Kids are so creative haha.

Lunch break! I made some Hawaii Musubis!
 Bunkei's first time trying spam and she LOVED it and now she's hooked haha! 
(top pic to the right) It's not summer in Japan without hearing the semi (cicada) "singing" day & night. Personally, they just annoy the hell out of me. Can't hear myself think sometimes hahaha.

(bottom pic to the left) I don't know what kind of spider this is, but you're able to see all sorts of spiders that have made the inbetweens of the torii their homes. I hate bugs and are terrified of them but despite the size and scariness of the spiders, they don't bother you.
Quick coordinate shot! (a poor shot on outfit detail, but oh well)
gray kimono cardigan: Charlotte Russe
black ribbon printed skirt (but used as tubetop): Forever 21
denim shorts: Charlotte Russe
black pointed flats: Payless
wig: given to me by a friend



  1. Great pictures! I'm hoping to visit Japan for maybe a week next year. But it's only if my husband and his boat in the Navy stops by then us wives will meet up with them. If I do, I really want to pick up some makeup that you can only find there. LOL. Any suggestions?

  2. i'll doing reviews soon! i have lots of recommendations! :) i'll still be here in kyoto till next year! maybe we can meet up!

  3. yay! can't wait to see the post. and okay!! once i find out where my husband them are going I'll let you know. =D

  4. :) i love your pictures! waiiitt...except for that picture of the semi. That flew on me one night...walking back to my room in Japan.

  5. thanks mel!
    LOL yeah the semi. they annoy the hell out of me ><

  6. yay! :) well he's in the navy so i'm guessing probably yokosuka? atsugi? probably~

  7. Oh I wanna visit Fushimi Inari so bad! I really hope I can visit Kyoto when studying in Japan (: The pictures in front of the gates look so nice because of the setting and lighting.! <:

  8. please do!!! how long will you be going to school in japan?

  9. I'm going to Japan this September and I'll stay for 10 months for study purposes! Very excited about that (:

  10. how nice! do you know what area??? i'm here till june!

  11. You mean June 2012? (: I'll be living at the campus of Tokai Daigaku in Hiratsuka (Kanagawa Prefecture) which is a pretty small town I guess. Like 1 to 1 and a half hour away from Tokyo. I'll definitely plan to visit Kyoto if my money allows to do so! I'd love to visit this city! >_<"

  12. Your pictures are so amazing ;o; I love looking at all your adventures!