January 11, 2012



H A P P Y    N E W   Y E A R ! ! ! 

Man, it's crazy how fast time can seriously fly. I hope everyone had a great start to 2012!

top pic: Janis and I back in 2006 during our "pinklovesoxygen" days
bottom pic: Lani and I back in early 2011 <3
DECEMBER 28, 2011

The day finally came! My two best friends (pinksugarichigo & eat juice) were coming to visit me in Japan! It's been 3 years since we last hung out and what better place to reunite in than Japan? We've been planning this little reunion ever since my arrival in Kyoto.

They flew in at around 4:30pm and I was on an express train headed to Kansai International Airport! I was 30 minutes late and also very nervous and excited at the same time. 

I arrived at the airport and I started on my search for those two gals. When I finally found them we all ran to each other and greeted each other with high pitched squeals and hugs. We even started tearing and almost started crying but we retained our composure! 

Next thing to do was: HEAD BACK TO KYOTO!

We got on the Haruka Express train which goes directly to Kyoto. I can't really remember what time we arrived back in Kyoto, but I wanna say around 7pm. I only live about 10 minutes walking away from the station so it was a piece of cake!... if they didn't have their luggage with them! It was a struggle but we eventually made it to my place.

We got settled in and then decided to stop by the nearest Fresco (supermarket) to buy a quick dinner!

After dinner, we caught up, fooled around with photobooth and then decided to call it a night. Our adventure would start the next day!

from Lani's camera while they were still on the plane.
A screen shot of the monitor indicated where the plane was at the moment.

More from Lani. Aerial shots of Japan.
from my phone! our first pic after 3 years 
on the Haruka Express

our train tickets
home sweet home



  1. Yaayy congrats for meeting your friends finally! ^_^ Really liked the vid, I hope more of them are following. Enjoy your time together girls!

  2. thank you! it was quite the reunion!! ^_____^ and thanks! i can't wait to work on the rest of them :3

  3. Ahh it looks like so much fun :D I'm glad you got to see them after such a long time! :o Must have been super exciting :]

  4. I can't even begin to imagine your excitement at having them visit. I'm excited for more pics & video!! Too cute!

  5. DAHH! your hair reminds me of Utada Hikaru ^^ Okay, as creepy as this might sound.....I remember following you and Janis from livejournal days and watching your banana chip video! And I thought it was soooo cute!! And I tried to even do it with my friend but we are so video noobie! hahaha Nice to see you girls together again!

  6. aw thank you sweetie! my high school friends used to call me "hikki" and some people still refer to me as utada LOL such a high honor hahahaha.

    aww that's not creepy at all about what you mentioned!! you should give it a go with your friends! it's fun :) let me know if you ever post videos you make! :D

  7. thank you! it was surreal being altogether especially in japan! i'm working on the next post as we speak! haha

  8. it definitely was exciting! there were SOOOOOOO many things i wish we could've done but time just went by too fast :(

  9. Awww. Reuniting with your friends after 3 years must have been such a touching moment. You guys are so cute! Love your vlog too. I could totally feel the joy in that first meeting. :D Looking forward to more posts!

  10. aww so sweet! its great ur friends visited u!

  11. I hate it when that happens :/ But at least you still had fun :]

  12. no, 日本で高すぎるから
    try wait till we get back to hawaii brah

  13. thank you ^_______^ i wish they stayed longer ;___;

  14. thank you! yeah it was touching. they're like my family and i really do miss my family lolll so i was so thankful that they came to see me!

  15. so nice photos! :) I never flew an airplane. :(

  16. thank you! aww i hope you will get to one day! is there any where you would like to go to in particular?