June 21, 2011

Round 1, 北の家族、三井Outlet Park

Friday 17th
Getting ready to leave for a friend's birthday! It was a night of bowling at Round 1 and then drinking the night away at a nearby izakaya called Kita no Kazoku (北の家族). This is what I wore for the occasion!
Top: Forever 21
Shorts: g.u.
Knee Highs: Doll Kiss
Shoes: Uniqlo
Bag: (bought at a thrift store)
Lashes: 100 yen store

First stop was bowling at Round 1 in Shijo (四条), Kyoto. Shijo is pretty much the shopping/entertainment district in Kyoto. At Round 1 there are floors of various entertainment like arcades, purikura, UFO catcher machines, etc. You can even play sports like baseball, bowling, golf or darts. More info about Round 1 here.
The bowling balls look like basketballs!

One of my friends. He's really good at bowling, nearly every time it was his turn he would get a strike. I suck so much at bowling!! Last time I bowled was with Monica in Tokyo and my score was a 13 T_____T. This night, he showed me some pointers and look what I ended with...
That's me! Letter 'D'!!! Yay! Haha!

Afterwards, we all received a ticket for a free try at the UFO catchers.

I won!!!! :D

Then it was off to the izakaya~
Many pics from that time but I'll just leave you with a pic from the end of the night~

Saturday 18th
The next day I went with two of my friends to Shiga-ken where there is a shopping outlet mall called "Mitsui Outlet Park". It really reminded me of shopping malls in Hawaii. It pretty much resembled Ala Moana.
It's about an hour commute from where I live by train and bus. It was really rainy that day but that didn't stop us!
What I wore despite the rain!

top: Charlotte Russe
white tube top: g.u.
shorts: Forever 21
boots: ABC Mart
watch: 3 coins

Heading to Kyoto Station!

Bought our tickets and waiting to board the train~

At the mall food court ~
For lunch, we had some hayashi rice!

Afterwards, headed back to Kyoto Station 
to get some crepes at Crepe Ojisan and take purikura
I had the month's special: Matcha Parfait! 

Our purikura :) Oh, the top right purikura, it says Kana(かな)instead of my real name. Japanese people have a hard time pronouncing my name so I told them to give me a nick name and that is what my friends suggested. It's funny because that's the 2nd time someone suggested that name! I guess it was meant to be.

Now the weekend is over and it's back to school. Here's a pic one of my classmates took of us sleeping during our class 15 minute break. We were all really sleeping. I even remember snoring hahaha. That's me where the blue name indicates (ジュヴィ).

hahahaha :)

How was everyone's weekend?

June 12, 2011

outfits post

Yay, I can wear my extensions again also!

AND AND AND, I got the job ^_________^v