October 30, 2010

walk walk fashion baby

On Wednesday, my coworker who also does makeup, asked if I could model for some photos to use for her portfolio. I happily agreed to it! Her name is Shelley and she's going to try and apply at one of the makeup booths that you see in Macy's (MAC, BareMinerals). We were only able to get some shots because our main source of light (the sun) was going down and the winds were not in our favor, so we'll probably reschedule for another day! I do wish we got more close-ups of the makeup though.

[Models] Juvy, Bayebette
[Photos] Shelley, Kimmie
[Makeup] Shelley
[Hair] Kimmie

That's Shelley directing us :)

October 15, 2010

Simple & Clean

Last week was yet another busy week for me. First things first: I CHOPPED OFF MY HAIR! In most of my pictures, my hair is shown to be past my chest area. This was because I wore extensions. The true length of my hair was right below my collarbone.

I got my haircut at a Japanese Salon called 'Creave'. My friend Kevin gets his haircuts there by the manager himself, Hiro. My usual stylist at a different salon was out on vacation which got me bummed because I was set with my decision to cut my hair. Kevin helped me out and booked me an appointment there. Let me tell you, it was quite the experience! I'll save my experience with Creave and Hiro for another post. Visit here, for more info on Hiro himself and Creave Salon (in Japanese but has the number, hours and location for Creave)!

Inspiration for my hair style came from one of my favorite artists and of whom I often get compared to in regards to looks ever since I was in my teens, UTADA HIKARU! You can see her rockin' the short bob in her "Come back to me" music video.

The reason for me wanting to cut my hair was because:

1. I needed a more sophisticated, polished look. Not saying the messy loose romantic curls weren't presentable, I just needed something more serious. I've had a boy-cut style long ago but styled it a bit more "wilder"? Okay not wilder, but compared to the way I style my hair now, this is more feminine and mature.

2. I needed a hairstyle that requires less time to stylize. With this haircut, I literally cut my getting-ready-time in half.

3. I needed change. As in, so many changes (good and bad) are happening with my life, I felt that it was appropriate to start a fresh new chapter by doing away with the past. I've chopped off my hair and I'm not looking back!

4. It is quite hot in Hawaii, so it helps out :)

Along with cutting my hair, I've also dyed it a deep dark mahogany brown. I felt that a deeper tone suits this haircut and also the Fall/Winter season. When spring comes around though, it's back to my usual copper colors!

I think I'm gonna stick with this hairstyle until Japan. Then when I get settled living in Japan, we'll see what I decide to do with my hair next!

More pics to come!

P.S. I wanted to post about other things that happened to me (things I'm currently doing, recent finds, etc) but I'll save each for their own post.

October 07, 2010

It's in the photograph.

Argh, I miss taking pictures of anything, everything and the inbetween. Good times, funny times, interesting times, kodak moments, family time, friend time, me and my doggy (Lucky) time.

I've been too busy to venture out and take pictures. I can't wait till I can pick up the camera again and just snap away at memories and snap away at anything that inspires me.

I always want to bring my camera with me to school but I carry enough bulk as it is and I don't trust leaving my camera in the car.

BLEH. It'll all be worth it in the end! I just miss taking snapshots on the daily.

October 06, 2010

お金がたまる!お金がたまる!... oh, and chunky necklaces!

I can do it! I can save money! I have about less than 6 months to save as much money as I can before leaving for Japan. I need to save enough to last me for a YEAR. Okay, it's kind of unrealistic to think I can save enough money to last me a year but I always try to be optimistic.

I was proud of myself today though, I went to Pearlridge to look for some basic footless leggings (black ones that I can just wear freely underneath a long tunic blouse without worrying that you can still see my undies because the leggings are sheer enough to see through). I do have one pair but I think I need another one. Sadly, no luck.

As I was shopping for leggings, I came across some really outstanding accent accessory pieces that I was soooo tempted to buy. In this case: chunky necklaces. I think I'm going through phases with necklaces. I went through a long chain-huge pendant phase, a layered-necklace phase, I'm still somewhat in the small pendant phase, but now I feel like I need a bold chunky necklace to add to my collection.

Here are some examples (I wish I could show you the ones I've seen!)

These ones are alright, but it's along the lines! I just feel that a bold piece would look great with any plain tee, off shoulder tee, tunic...just anything plain! Let the accessory be the outfit sometimes!

I ended up not buying anything today and I felt proud of myself. I didn't find what I was looking for and that's it! I didn't NEED to buy anything else.

I am however, craving to galavant around Target, Ross, Walmart and Savers. I haven't been in ages :(.

October 03, 2010

Large pores

I used to have pretty bad acne when I was younger, but I'd say around my freshman year of high school, my face cleared up and has stayed that way. Now I only ever breakout around that time of month.

One of my biggest problems now are large pores (on my nose). I've tried everything (nose strips, witch hazel, pore reducing face wash), I don't really like using different products too much but my nose pores are driving me crazy. I think I'll try this though:

I'll let you know how it turns out!

p.s. I cut my bangs! I tend to get bored with my hair fast. I'm going to be dying it soon too.