October 15, 2010

Simple & Clean

Last week was yet another busy week for me. First things first: I CHOPPED OFF MY HAIR! In most of my pictures, my hair is shown to be past my chest area. This was because I wore extensions. The true length of my hair was right below my collarbone.

I got my haircut at a Japanese Salon called 'Creave'. My friend Kevin gets his haircuts there by the manager himself, Hiro. My usual stylist at a different salon was out on vacation which got me bummed because I was set with my decision to cut my hair. Kevin helped me out and booked me an appointment there. Let me tell you, it was quite the experience! I'll save my experience with Creave and Hiro for another post. Visit here, for more info on Hiro himself and Creave Salon (in Japanese but has the number, hours and location for Creave)!

Inspiration for my hair style came from one of my favorite artists and of whom I often get compared to in regards to looks ever since I was in my teens, UTADA HIKARU! You can see her rockin' the short bob in her "Come back to me" music video.

The reason for me wanting to cut my hair was because:

1. I needed a more sophisticated, polished look. Not saying the messy loose romantic curls weren't presentable, I just needed something more serious. I've had a boy-cut style long ago but styled it a bit more "wilder"? Okay not wilder, but compared to the way I style my hair now, this is more feminine and mature.

2. I needed a hairstyle that requires less time to stylize. With this haircut, I literally cut my getting-ready-time in half.

3. I needed change. As in, so many changes (good and bad) are happening with my life, I felt that it was appropriate to start a fresh new chapter by doing away with the past. I've chopped off my hair and I'm not looking back!

4. It is quite hot in Hawaii, so it helps out :)

Along with cutting my hair, I've also dyed it a deep dark mahogany brown. I felt that a deeper tone suits this haircut and also the Fall/Winter season. When spring comes around though, it's back to my usual copper colors!

I think I'm gonna stick with this hairstyle until Japan. Then when I get settled living in Japan, we'll see what I decide to do with my hair next!

More pics to come!

P.S. I wanted to post about other things that happened to me (things I'm currently doing, recent finds, etc) but I'll save each for their own post.

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  1. you're sooooooo cute with that hair! I bought my short wig this weekend but I realized that my face is too fat for it. I envy you, pikachu. ahahaha

    and i see you made a new blog :OOOO getting ready, eh? eh? eh?

    i'm pretty sure you'll pick up the dialect because they all speak it in Kyoto! yay!! we can speak it to each other!