October 06, 2010

お金がたまる!お金がたまる!... oh, and chunky necklaces!

I can do it! I can save money! I have about less than 6 months to save as much money as I can before leaving for Japan. I need to save enough to last me for a YEAR. Okay, it's kind of unrealistic to think I can save enough money to last me a year but I always try to be optimistic.

I was proud of myself today though, I went to Pearlridge to look for some basic footless leggings (black ones that I can just wear freely underneath a long tunic blouse without worrying that you can still see my undies because the leggings are sheer enough to see through). I do have one pair but I think I need another one. Sadly, no luck.

As I was shopping for leggings, I came across some really outstanding accent accessory pieces that I was soooo tempted to buy. In this case: chunky necklaces. I think I'm going through phases with necklaces. I went through a long chain-huge pendant phase, a layered-necklace phase, I'm still somewhat in the small pendant phase, but now I feel like I need a bold chunky necklace to add to my collection.

Here are some examples (I wish I could show you the ones I've seen!)

These ones are alright, but it's along the lines! I just feel that a bold piece would look great with any plain tee, off shoulder tee, tunic...just anything plain! Let the accessory be the outfit sometimes!

I ended up not buying anything today and I felt proud of myself. I didn't find what I was looking for and that's it! I didn't NEED to buy anything else.

I am however, craving to galavant around Target, Ross, Walmart and Savers. I haven't been in ages :(.

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  1. where can i buy the black and white piece...please email me at dandilion20082001@yahoo.com Thanks!