March 25, 2014

Remember me?

Holy cow, I don't even know how long it's been! As you might have noticed, my domain has been shut down sadly because I wasn't able to maintain it or keep up with paying for it. So (for now) I am back to posting at! Many things have happened as of late. I'll just list them for now:

✩ Graduated with my BA in Japanese in 2013.

✩ Moved to town with my boyfriend.
✩ My hair is no longer blonde.✩ I'm currently growing out my hair!
✩ Bf and I now own a Pembroke Welsh Corgi together! Her name is Ollie!
That's all for now! I'm not dead ya'll! Now that I'm finished with school and I do have some time on my day-offs from work, I can get started with reviews, fashion posts, food posts and now Ollie The Corgi posts! See you soon☆

P.S. As always, I'm very much active on instagram. Follow me at groovyjuvy or follow Ollie at ollie_thecorgi

ALSO! If everyone who links to me, please change my website link back to ! Thanks :)

May 03, 2013

Makeup Review: FACEit Power Perfection BB Cream

Hi guys!

I'm back with a brand new review video for you makeup lovers out there. I'm reviewing a BB cream I bought from the korean makeup shop: The Face Shop and I absolutely love this BB cream!

Power Perfection BB Cream
02 Natural Beige
(around $38.00USD)

Claims to improve skin problems, including bagginess, roughness and dryness.
Reenergizes the skin through power lifting, power moisturizing and power correction effects. Wrinkle improvement, whitening, sunscreen. Contains omega -3 and the Vita-skin complex.

Why I bought it:
I was looking for a BB cream that doesn't dry out my skin but at the same time not feel like it's suffocating it. I wanted the right amount of moisture and coverage from the BB cream.

The Product:
This BB cream comes in two shades: 01 (Light Beige) and 02 (Natural Beige). I bought mine in Natural Beige. 

Here's my video review (don't forget to like & subscribe!)

The Verdict:
I feel like this BB cream holds true to what it claims to do to your skin. Upon application, It already starts to hide my imperfections (fine lines, blemishes, uneven skin tone). There's no unpleasant smell either. It's pretty thick and a little really really does go a long way. My skin doesn't feel oily but neither does it dry out. It actually gives my skin that healthy dewy look. I also have dry patches on my face and it doesn't aggravate it at all. 

Price:✦✦✦✧✧ (It's a bit pricey, but that's to be expected from a good asian BB cream)

Coverage:✦✦✦✦✦ (I gave it a perfect score because it does cover VERY well. )

Application:✦✦✦✦✦ (Easy application)

Fragrance:✦✦✦✦✧ (Non-fragrant but still has that "makeup smell" to it. Very tolerable)

BEFORE application. Sorry for such a scary pic lololol

AFTER application

November 13, 2012


I finally got to meet Murakami Haruki one on one! I knew he had a home here in Hawaii and recently discovered he had an office at my university as well. I had no idea it was in the building I frequent the most!

October 02, 2012

f(x) Amber's 피노키오 (Danger) MV makeup tutorial

Hey ya'll! I'm back with another video (damn I'm on a roll!)
This time it's my FIRST makeup tutorial! It's a quick one actually, inspired by one of my favorite idols in k-pop. Have you guessed it yet? It's Amber of f(x)! And since I still have my blonde hair, I figured I should give it a go. Just in time for Halloween too haha.

I absolutely adore her makeup in the Pinocchio (Danger) MV, it's definitely my kind of style. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video :) The only thing I'm upset about is that the most important part in the video, the eyeliner part, is missing because I wasn't aware my camera shut off! BOO. Well, I hope you enjoy anyway! And please, enjoy my no make-up face as well! hahaha~

p.s. I'm not really good at makeup, I just do whatever I feel like looks good to me lol.