November 13, 2012


I finally got to meet Murakami Haruki one on one! I knew he had a home here in Hawaii and recently discovered he had an office at my university as well. I had no idea it was in the building I frequent the most!

When I finally found his room, there was a trashcan wedged in-between the door frame and the door with a paper hanging outside stating that it was indeed Haruki himself. It also noted that photography or recording wasn't allowed but students and teachers were welcome to come in without any appointment. I squealed with joy and started to get nervous.

I was about to knock and then through the crack of the door, I saw someone already sitting there. "Dammit! I gotta come back later" I told my friend, Jeff who was with me for moral support, haha. We waited a good 30 minutes before it was too late and I had to go to my last class.

While I was in my class, I kept thinking "Meh, I'll just get it some other time..." and then a miracle happened! Some students that were interested in the JET program were free to leave early because of a meeting that was being held at the same time. I wasn't really interested in JET but saw it as my opportunity to go see Mr. Murakami! So, I left.

Students were all still in class, so it was the perfect opportunity. I was so nervous but sucked it up and went. NO REGRETS! I'm usually very shy when it comes to people I adore. But, I went for it.

I knocked and I heard a, "haaaai?"

I went in and there he was sitting at his desk. "Konnichiwa" he said and I in turn greeted him the same. Because I was so starstruck already and was afraid of offending him with my poor Japanese, I quickly asked, "あの、英語でいいですか?” (May I use English?) and he smiled "Oh, of course."

His office was surprisingly small with no decorations. All there was was his desk with a computer, his chair, another chair which I sat on and behind me, a bookshelf. The room was pretty much the size of a broom closet. His window was huge though, overlooking the building's courtyard.

We did a bit of small talk and then I asked if he could sign two books I had with me. One was for me and the other was for my bff, Monica (who was at work at the time). I handed Monica's first which was the Japanese version of "The Elephant Vanishes". Then I handed my book and he asked "And what's your name?" I tried to say with my best pronounciation, "JU-VVVEEEE" but then when I saw his pen go up after writing 'J' and 'U', as I thought, he heard "Judy"

I was thinking, "ahh, oh well. I don't want to interrupt him...but wait, this is for ME! WHO'S JUDY?! HURRY SAY SOMETHING!" and with a quick "あ、あの。。。" I told him that my name was spelt wrong.

We ended up exchanging a lot of "Juvy" "??Julie??" "JEW-VEE" "??Ju...dy??" until I pronounced the V with a Japanese accent and held up a peace sign to act as a V. He paused, smiled and corrected his spelling mistake.

"It's a very unusual name, isn't it?" he said

We began talking more about my name and then he then pulled out his planner and asked me for my full name. He wrote it down slowly and then said "There. I'll remember you."

I thanked him, shook his hand and left.

*____________________________* I was sooooooo starstruck and happy!

He'll remember me, aye? Appearance in the next book, perhaps?


  1. HOW LUCKY!! *O* okay whenever it is I'm in HI you have to bring me to his office lol. I won't be creepy promise! X)

  2. That is so freakin' awesome :D I would have been the same way xD lol

  3. Omg how awesome, Juvy! He's one of my favorite authors and I'm happy knowing that I know someone that got to meet him in person :D

  4. haha, that's pretty cool!! i was just talking about him with a couple of my english conversation students! :D

  5. Juvy! I know you don't update your blog often, but I nominated you & Monica for the Versatile Blogger award :) For more details:

    Hope you're doing well! xoxo

  6. aw thanks so much char!! :) school has been mad crazy lately! but the semester is almost over :) but i do hope monica wins! she blogs more often than i do ;)

  7. :D i was seriously all giddy after! what's your favorite book??

  8. hahaha! i told myself i wouldn't spazz but i totally did haha

  9. YES I WILL! and... it's okay. i felt like i was being pretty creepy myself bwaahahaha -____-

  10. thats sooo awesome!!

  11. That's awesome ^^ I still need to read his recent one (had it since 11/2011 but haven't cracked it open yet)~