January 26, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted anything new. I've been so busy lately preparing for my week long vacay to Vegas & Cali this coming February with my lovely sisinlaw Liz! Then pretty much right after we arrive back I need to do my last preparations before leaving for Japan! 
As of late I'm pretty much enjoying my life and hanging out with 3 people that I lovvve, my wifey Monica, her BF Mighty and Kevin. We all became even closer and Monica recently went back to Japan but I'm so excited we'll all be in Japan together soon.

TOP PIC: Me and Monica
BOTTOM PIC: Mighty and Kevin

Me and the joysound remote, 
Monica and her beautiful eye, 
Mighty and his fashion 
and Kevin singing his heart out. 
<3 them!

P.S. THANK YOU MY NEW FOLLOWERS! :) Nice to meet you all <3

January 13, 2011

My Top Picks from ViVi (2/2011)

What I've noticed for this month's trends:

✦ lots of knits! ...oversized ones!
✧ neutral colors. some occasional splashes of colors here and there. Don't be afraid to mix your browns with blacks! You don't know how many times I hear that it doesn't match. I personally always loved it. Just do it :) They are both neutral colors! Black matches with everything, right ;) ?
✦ knee high and ankle socks. **I think this only works depending on body type & the way you wear it to compliment your body type. But I'll go into that later.**
✧ Oxford shoes and wedges! I've always been a fan of oxford shoes and wedges, so it's nice to finally see oxfords in the Japanese fashion scene.
✦ Argyl, checkered and leopard prints
✧ Light, fresh makeup 

✦✧ REMEMBER: These are my own opinions, so if you don't agree with anything don't bash me with hateful comments, they'll just be deleted. My opinions are based off of personal experiences and observations. Your opinions matter to me at the same time, so if you disagree that's fine! Let me know your opinions too :) ✦✧

scans from jmagazinescans <--- thank you!

I don't really have much to say for this but I just wanted to share the differences. "カラフル (colorful) Tokyo VS モノトーン (monotone) Kobe". I guess that's a good sign for me because my closet is full of monotone "colors" (lol) and I'll be in the Kansai area in about a month! I love how they added a splash of color with the red bags! I totally would do that.
Personally, I'm not loving the checkered mini skirts. I think it's tacky :\ What do you guys think?

BIG KNIT SWEATERS! ❤ I'm in love with that comfortable look! A nice big sweater and leggings or stockings.  Very VERY simple but so おしゃれ (oshare: trendy) at the same time! *referring to the bottom right* For choosing shoes to go with this coordinate: If you opt for flats, I'd stay away from round toe flats! Flats with a point (not too much point!) will bring the look together. Heels and wedges are good! I don't know how I feel about knee high boots I think it would be a bit much. Ankle boots would work better in my opinion.

Love the middle coordinate and the coordinate to the right! Tucked in tops are a big trend now also. For girls with more curves, a waist belt will help bring everything together! I love love love mixing blazers with shorts! 

LOVE the top left coordi! And the one next to it (grey sweater)

KNEE HIGHS! I adore knee highs and ankle socks! But there are rules I think girls should follow! I myself am a petite curvy girl so I do know that my thighs are a bit on the larger side and also I have shorter shins. For girls with shorter legs: PLEASE DO pull the knee highs PAST your knees! It will give the illusion of a longer leg! Stopping the socks below your knee will just make your short legs look even shorter. Shoes play a HUGE part also! STAY AWAY from wearing knee highs with FLATS. A heel will bring this look together! If you're not  comfortable with wearing flats, get a flat with a pointed toe (again, not too pointy). The pointed toe will help give the illusion of a longer leg as well :) 

Bloomer shorts: love! I'll own a pair one day! The shoes are love too, but I'm not sure how I feel about a chunky heel. I've seen chunky heels emerge ever since the summer of 2010 but I still don't know how I feel about them. I guess being short (and personally trying chunky shoes myself) I realized it does nothing to help my appearance. My legs are thick and short, so by wearing a heel that is also thick and short (or tall), it does nothing to enhance. I would have gone with a skinnier (not too skinny!) heel or wedges.

Fresh makeup! 
I agree with these "Beauty Best 3": 
"Cat eyeliner", "bright lip" and "nude eye x pink cheeks"
Freshfaced with a touch of makeup here and there is a DEFINITE MUST for this month's trend. Especially with all the prints going on and the heavy knits you'll be wearing, the last thing you need is a fully caked on face to clash with everything! Also, it shows a classier you. It's also a perfect symbol for a fresh start to this new year!

❥ Lastly, THANK YOU TO ALL MY NEW FOLLOWERS! You guys are awesome and I hope my blog will be useful and entertaining for you :) ❤

January 08, 2011

Coordinate for 1/2~1/3/2011 & pics from 1/4~1/5/2011

Everything pretty much from Charlotte Russe except:

Shoes: Nine West
White watch: from my mama


Fedora: Island Sweetie
Bird top: Pineapple County
Shorts & necklace: Charlotte Russe
Bag: vintage Fendi

YES i'm wearing hair extensions! My hair is long enough to wear them again! Sometimes with certain outfits, long hair just looks better :)

& some pics from 1/4/2011 (Monica's Bday). We went to Toma's Karaoke by University of Hawaii.  It's a very famous karaoke place for college students.  Song selection is great (from American and Asian artists) and the staff treats you like family. Plus you can BYO-whatever! The only thing is that they keep changing their prices so now it's a bit pricey so going as a group is your best bet. Parking is also limited so it's best to carpool! For more info on Toma's click here!

 *Yes, I'm wearing my extensions yet again!*

The morning after we decide to head down to Lanikai Beach and snap some photos and enjoy what Hawaii has always offered us: beautiful beaches! We opted for summer clothes and no extensions (for me!) because the weather was perfect!
More on Lanikai Beach here.

Had lunch at Teddy's Bigger Burger (on the Windward side)!  I also wrote a small review on this burger joint (the Waikiki one) here.
This time around I ordered the Veggie Burger. It was soooooo gooooddd!! I want to try the Turkey Burger next!  And they also recently just opened a new one by University of Hawaii too, right across Toma's Karaoke!

January 05, 2011

Review: Palty Hair Color & Palty Hard Bleach

With winter coming to a close and spring around the corner, it was time to change my dark winter hair color into more of a sunny, spring tone!
My hair color before. It was pretty much a deep dark brown but it looks black.
I went to my local Don Quijote to pick up my usual Lucido-L hair color in the imported asian goods aisle but this time I had my eye on Palty. They had two choices: hair color dye boxes or bleach boxes. I have a thing about bleaching hair knowing the damage it does so I opted for the regular hair color that comes in the pink boxes. I bought Palty hair color in Caramel Brown. *Keep in mind that these dye boxes come with Japanese instructions only*

I had high hopes for this hair dye to color my almost black hair back to my usual copper tone color but was disappointed with the outcome.

The color did somewhat show but it wasn't the color I was expecting it to be. It colored my hair exactly as it said it would in the back but well MY THINKING was that all Palty hair dye would contain some bleach for your hair.  I realized it was basically just a hair dye. 

Price: 3/5 (It's an imported product so it was pricey. Around $12. Original price is 750 yen which is about 9 AUD.)
Application: 5/5 (very easy to apply. I love Japanese hair dye applicators! For longer hair, I'd recommend buying 2 boxes)
Outcome: 5/5 (It did it's job as to dying my hair exactly what the back sample hair colors indicated.)
Hair Damage: 5/5 (It did not damage my hair at all. It also helps that the hair dye does include a packet of Tsubaki Oil to wash your hair with.)

So not having the hair color I originally wanted I returned to Don Quijote and spent a lot of time contemplating on the Palty Bleach boxes. After lots of thinking I finally left purchasing...TWO boxes. I purchased Palty Hard Bleach in Gold Brown & Lucido-l in Caramel. I purchased both because I was still skeptical about using the Hard Bleach and because I usually have good outcomes with Lucido-l anyway.

When I got home I sucked it up and decided to go with the Palty. This time instructions were a bit different (since we're dealing with bleach this time) and you could also choose the kind of lightness you want depending on how long you leave it.

You can either leave it in for 15min or 30min.
I decided to leave it in for 15 minutes. Within minutes of application I could definitely see a change in color happening! I was excited! The outcome was exactly what I hoped it would be and once again, what the box said it would turn out to. I kept my Lucido-l unopened hair dye in storage for next time I need a touch up.
Price: 3/5 (Around $13. Original price is 850 yen which is about 10 AUD.)
Application: 5/5 (very easy to apply. I love Japanese hair dye applicators! For longer hair, I'd recommend buying 2 boxes)
Outcome: 5/5 (It did it's job as to dying my hair exactly what the back sample hair colors indicated.)
Hair Damage: 3/5 (Since this was a 'Hard Bleach' it did do some damage to my hair. Especially the first couple of days. My hair had that straw effect and looked very dry. But with proper care my hair came back to it's healthy state in a couple of days!)

Would I recommend Palty? I definitely would. I've gotten SOOOO many compliments on my hair color and sometimes people can't believe that it's a box color. Also, I would recommend Palty, Lucido-l, etc. to people of asian ethnicity because these products were definitely made for asian hair! I do notice that a lot of the American hair dyes I used to use before (Revlon, Lo'Real, etc) NEVER turn out the way I wanted and leave my hair looking like BLAH. The only one I would consider good are the Garnier brands.

To deal with the damage that I did receive from the bleach though, I make sure to take my vitamins but I also condition my hair with a conditioner that contains vitamin e and coconut oil <---- these help out A LOT. I do find that Nexxus conditioners always save my hair! Specifically the Humectress line! It's infused with both vitamin e & coconut oil. I've also heard that Hot hair treatment with Tsubaki Oil helps too but I haven't gave it a try yet. Keep in mind too that I do EVERYTHING to my hair when I style it (blow dry, flat iron, hair products) and by taking care of my hair after the bleach I was able to get my hair back to its healthy state again.

SO GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! :) Any other questions, feel free to ask! 


It's Monica's birthday today! Gonna go to karaoke tonight and get our druunnkk onnn!

January 03, 2011

HELLO 2011

First Coordinate for 2011!

Bow pinstripe top: Charlotte Russe
Highwaist shorts: F21
Belt: F21
Stockings: ?
Crown pendant necklace: Charlotte Russe
Triple flower ring & 'oui' ring: Charlotte Russe
Brown braided watch: Target
Face: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse (in Nude)
Lips: Revlon Lipgloss (in Cherries in the Glow)
Falsies: Ardell #137

Welcome 2011! This year will be life changing, I feel. I'm leaving for Japan in about 2 months! I expect that a lot of challenges will come my way this year, but I'm ready for it!

So my coordinate was what I wore for work. The top I'm wearing was part of a huge box of clothes I was trying to get rid of in my closet (selling them on eBay, to friends or at my local swap meet).  I've made a good amount of money and sold tons of stuff, but I still had more to sell. I haven't had time to keep selling or posting on eBay so I decided to try and give some of them another chance. I also decided since time is ticking, whatever I won't get to sell I'll just keep in my closet and by the time I get back to Hawaii (a year later and probably with even more clothes bought from Japan) I'll weed out what I know for sure I don't want! What do you think?

But anyway, I hope everyone's new year's eve/day went great! CHEERS!