January 13, 2011

My Top Picks from ViVi (2/2011)

What I've noticed for this month's trends:

✦ lots of knits! ...oversized ones!
✧ neutral colors. some occasional splashes of colors here and there. Don't be afraid to mix your browns with blacks! You don't know how many times I hear that it doesn't match. I personally always loved it. Just do it :) They are both neutral colors! Black matches with everything, right ;) ?
✦ knee high and ankle socks. **I think this only works depending on body type & the way you wear it to compliment your body type. But I'll go into that later.**
✧ Oxford shoes and wedges! I've always been a fan of oxford shoes and wedges, so it's nice to finally see oxfords in the Japanese fashion scene.
✦ Argyl, checkered and leopard prints
✧ Light, fresh makeup 

✦✧ REMEMBER: These are my own opinions, so if you don't agree with anything don't bash me with hateful comments, they'll just be deleted. My opinions are based off of personal experiences and observations. Your opinions matter to me at the same time, so if you disagree that's fine! Let me know your opinions too :) ✦✧

scans from jmagazinescans <--- thank you!

I don't really have much to say for this but I just wanted to share the differences. "カラフル (colorful) Tokyo VS モノトーン (monotone) Kobe". I guess that's a good sign for me because my closet is full of monotone "colors" (lol) and I'll be in the Kansai area in about a month! I love how they added a splash of color with the red bags! I totally would do that.
Personally, I'm not loving the checkered mini skirts. I think it's tacky :\ What do you guys think?

BIG KNIT SWEATERS! ❤ I'm in love with that comfortable look! A nice big sweater and leggings or stockings.  Very VERY simple but so おしゃれ (oshare: trendy) at the same time! *referring to the bottom right* For choosing shoes to go with this coordinate: If you opt for flats, I'd stay away from round toe flats! Flats with a point (not too much point!) will bring the look together. Heels and wedges are good! I don't know how I feel about knee high boots I think it would be a bit much. Ankle boots would work better in my opinion.

Love the middle coordinate and the coordinate to the right! Tucked in tops are a big trend now also. For girls with more curves, a waist belt will help bring everything together! I love love love mixing blazers with shorts! 

LOVE the top left coordi! And the one next to it (grey sweater)

KNEE HIGHS! I adore knee highs and ankle socks! But there are rules I think girls should follow! I myself am a petite curvy girl so I do know that my thighs are a bit on the larger side and also I have shorter shins. For girls with shorter legs: PLEASE DO pull the knee highs PAST your knees! It will give the illusion of a longer leg! Stopping the socks below your knee will just make your short legs look even shorter. Shoes play a HUGE part also! STAY AWAY from wearing knee highs with FLATS. A heel will bring this look together! If you're not  comfortable with wearing flats, get a flat with a pointed toe (again, not too pointy). The pointed toe will help give the illusion of a longer leg as well :) 

Bloomer shorts: love! I'll own a pair one day! The shoes are love too, but I'm not sure how I feel about a chunky heel. I've seen chunky heels emerge ever since the summer of 2010 but I still don't know how I feel about them. I guess being short (and personally trying chunky shoes myself) I realized it does nothing to help my appearance. My legs are thick and short, so by wearing a heel that is also thick and short (or tall), it does nothing to enhance. I would have gone with a skinnier (not too skinny!) heel or wedges.

Fresh makeup! 
I agree with these "Beauty Best 3": 
"Cat eyeliner", "bright lip" and "nude eye x pink cheeks"
Freshfaced with a touch of makeup here and there is a DEFINITE MUST for this month's trend. Especially with all the prints going on and the heavy knits you'll be wearing, the last thing you need is a fully caked on face to clash with everything! Also, it shows a classier you. It's also a perfect symbol for a fresh start to this new year!

❥ Lastly, THANK YOU TO ALL MY NEW FOLLOWERS! You guys are awesome and I hope my blog will be useful and entertaining for you :) ❤


  1. LOVES!!!

    So fricken Kawaii... everything! <3

  2. Can you take me shopping with your knowledge?! Or help me pack & we'll go shopping in VEGAS! ;P

  3. I love all simple looks. I started to buy oxford shoes too since they go with any outfit.
    I agree, with my short complex as well I'm trying to buy more heels/wedges but IDK if thick or skinny will suit me. X)

  4. jackie: me too!!!

    liz: GIRRRL you need to take ME shopping! for make up AND clothes!! :D

    lei: personally, i have thick short legs, so thick heels are out of the question. heels don't have to be 2 or 3 inches! a kitten heel will do too :) i hope you find which heel works best for you! :D

  5. The middle coordinate on the "tucked in tops" pic looks like the outfit I wore to school the other day! Right down to the oxfords! Except with this crazy rain going on right now, I have to add a scarf and a cute hoodie to keep warm. (and my oxfords were wedges)

    And bloomers! I only have 2 pairs, in black and white. I want more colors! Like in pink and lavender. :)

    I love the fresh face. I can't wear concealer and other makeup that covers a lot of my skin, because I get a rash. But I have great skin, so it's not really needed. :) I wish some girls I see around would lay off the foundation/concealer. I hate when I can see a girl's foundation caked on from a mile away. D: I just wanna wash their face off, hahaa

  6. hihi!
    i'm one of monica's friends in japan :)
    finally following after lurking for so long!
    you will love shopping here, and shopping areas in kansai are so conveniently located!
    and you will love doushisha! many of my friends go/went there.
    anyway, good luck getting ready and looking forward to more posts :3

  7. tiana - aww you should take coordinate pictures!

    hozumi - yoroshiku! aw thanks for the follow! i will follow you back!! it's good to know that the shopping will be great in the kansai area! i'd die if i can't shop for cute things! hehehehe. do you have friends right now at doushisha??

  8. Great post! You will be my guide to Jfashion ;)

  9. Hey I came across your blog and it's just so cute! Hope you dont mind me following♥

    I love ViVi even though it's not really gal style, but I just love oversized knits also! It works in almost any style and they're just so warm and cute looking!

    Hope to see more posts from you, I'm so excited ^____^

  10. juvy♥
    ive had your blog bookmarked && really enjoy reading it~!!
    but its so hard to keep up,
    so now i have a blogger too it should be easier ^ o ^
    && yay, i can comment now ;3

    these coordinates are all cute♥♥
    i look forward to more of your posts~!!

  11. Hey I came across your blog and it's just so cute! Hope you dont mind me following♥

    I love ViVi even though it's not really gal style, but I just love oversized knits also! It works in almost any style and they're just so warm and cute looking!

    Hope to see more posts from you, I'm so excited ^____^