August 29, 2011

Review: Nail Stickers

When I was still in Hawaii last year, I've seen these available to buy at my local Sephora. I've been wanting to try them ever since. I liked the idea that it was sticker. It seems very convenient because the design is already there and you don't have to struggle with the time-consuming act of designing your nails. If I had the talent and the time to design my own nails I'd probably have a blast doing it but…yeah. (lol)

I never bought them when I first saw because I wasn't about to spend $15 on something I never tried and was a bit skeptical about.

Since coming to Japan 100yen shops became one of my best friends. They have EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING at 100yen shops. Nail stickers to try for the first time for 100yen? YES PLEASE! The designs they had were all cute too. I opted for the vertical stripes :)

It came with 2 sheets, each sheet with 10 nail stickers. One sheet was enough for both my hands. 

The steps are as follows:
1. Before peeling the sticker off, place the sheet over nail with the desired nail sticker size. 
2. Once decided, carefully peel sticker and place it on your nail.
3. Press down firmly all around, especially the edges. It's okay if there is excess, you'll be filing it off later. It's very important that there are no air bubbles!
4. Once firmly on, take your nail file and in an up & down motion, file off the excess. It should easily fall off.
5. Finished!
how it looks when you file it!
all done!

Before applying stickers, add a coat of nail polish or base coat onto your nails. It will help the sticker stick better and also create a protective barrier against the sticky adhesive.
After applying stickers, apply a top coat to seal the sticker in place.
If the stickers that you bought are EXTREMELY long, you may be able to cut it in half creating even more stickers to use in the future! :)

My thoughts:
Would I buy it again? I definitely would! Despite it being 100yen, these were pretty good! I've gotten many compliments and people never suspected the to be 100yen. 

The verdict:
Price: ✦✦✦✦✦ (Because it was 100yen, definitely a perfect score!)
Longevity: ✦✦✦✧✧ (It was nice and pretty for about a week or so but like any other nail polish, it eventually started chipping. Maybe the more high end nail stickers will last longer.)
Convenience: ✦✦✦✦✦ (Timesaving! Easy and no liquid mess or yucky smells! You also don't have to deal with drying time)

also got this cute headwrap from a 300yen shop!!! i just wanted to try it out and I love it so far~
Good for my lazy days ;)


  1. Thanks for the review! (No, I'm not a new stalker... okay maybe a little bit, did you notice? xD)
    I always felt too weird to try these nail stickers but maybe I'll do in the future. It looks good & seems to be so much more comfy ><

  2. I've always been curious about these! I should try and find some because me and nail polish just don't get along ;A;

  3. you should! i tried painting my nails the regular way last night and i just proved that me and nail polish don't get along either lolll!

  4. hahahaha! i want to be your new! hahaha XD
    try nail stickers when you come to japan!! :D

  5. Juvy! Haven't commented you in awhile. Glad to hear things are going well with you in Japan :)

    I've always wondered about nail stickers and after seeing your review, I really want to try it out now, haha. Also, that headwrap looks cute on you!

  6. hey char!!! how are you?

    you should try the nail stickers! i'm actually gonna go out and buy more ^____^ and thanks!

  7. Cute nails! How much is 100yen in U.S. dollars? You really make me want to go to Japan! Lol.

  8. with the exchange rate now, 100yen is like $1.30!

  9. the regular way you take off nail polish :3

  10. awe cute, I've never used nail stickers before XD

  11. thanks! you should definitely try it :)