September 01, 2011

Biwako Hanabi Taikai ✺ 琵琶湖花火大会

I've seen many different fireworks displays. From 4th of July fireworks to Disneyland fireworks and I can honestly say that nothing compares to the fireworks display during the Biwako Hanabi Taikai that was held on August 8.

I have to admit, I was a little let down with a previous fireworks display I attended the month before so I was trying not to expect too much from this one.

When it started, it was a bit slow and I thought to myself "I knew it." It even stopped for a bit and I actually thought it was over!  Then, a single stream of shimmer shot up straight into the dark black sky.  It was going so high the guy in back of me was saying out loud "Yabai! Yabai! Takai! Takai!" ("oh man! it's high! it's high!). I realized myself that it was indeed going pretty high so I whipped out my camera and was able to capture on video one of the LARGEST firework I've ever seen in my life. I had to back up, pretty much lying on my back to try and get it on camera.

There were even different shapes and characters that could be seen like, Doraemon, Hello Kitty, fish, flowers, stars, hearts, happy faces, planets, fruits and more.

It was such a great experience. If you're ever in the area during the beginning of August, this is a MUST!  It's also a good excuse to wear a cute summer yukata <3

Some tips:
GO EARLY!  We left Kyoto around 4:00pm and got there around 4:30pm. The fireworks didn't start till around 7:00pm. You need the extra time to make sure you find a seat!  
When it's over, wait a bit.  Hang out, chill.  Everyone is rushing to get home so if you started heading towards the station anyway, you'd end up standing for maybe an hour within the masses.

me once again in my yukata!
i know i'm not wearing the traditional sandals :P

waiting... (please don't mind how tired i look =__=)

do you recognize the shape? flowers!
during the finale!!!!
the family that sat next to us! they thought we were natives but then we told them we were students and they said it made sense because we were so thoughtful and kind unlike a lot of the young people nowadays (that's what the grandma said!! haha) They were so kind enough to also take pics of us during the finale saying it would be a nice memory for us)
Bumped into some of our other friends on the way home!
see Kyoto Tower in the background?

The video I made! A quick one minute video of the best clips I happened to take!
The first clip was the particular firework that blew me away!


  1. Nice tips to get if i ever go to a Hanabi :O i will make sure to remember them cause i would never have thought of it myself XD
    Your yukata is srsly sooo pretty ! <3 and even though your sandals don't are not traditional they look good with the yukata :)

  2. Awww, you look so pretty! =) And the fireworks look amazing.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I deeply want to join a firework when in Japan. Your Yukata is beautiful! (:

  4. you're welcome! they will have fireworks definitely during your stay in japan!

  5. You look amazing in a yukata :D I know someone who went to the Hanabi fireworks, he is a photographer and took amazing pictures O.O They start on this page: and I think onward if you are interesting in seeing them :] I really like your pictures with you and your friends and the fireworks in the background :]