April 06, 2010

始め! START!

Hi everyone! In this entry I'm going to be talking about some items I purchased today (mainly cosmetics).

First off, I received this item I ordered online in the mail today! It's a body adhesive for clothes, hosiery, theatrical make up, etc. I use it to hold up stubborn straps on clothes, strapless clothing items, strapless bras, etc! It's totally awesome and I think every girl should have one of these babys.

This is where I bought mine: http://www.ameswalker.com/itstayad.html

I first tried it out through one of my friends, Lani and obviously you can tell that I was sold! It washes off easily with water. No harm done to the skin or to clothes! Viola!

Next, Bliss' Fatgirl sleep (fatgirl slim products). I've done a review of all the fatgirl slim products (love handler, fatgirl slim & sleep) on livejournal, so I won't really go into detail here (feel free to let me know if you want me to explain more though). But all I can say is, this is my 3rd time buying this product. To me it works. I was afraid it was a gimmick when I first tried it out. I knew it was working because no one knew that I was using it, I'd get loads of good comments from friends, co workers and family that I look slimmer and often asked what I was doing. :P Well here ya go everyone! :D The small bottle is a facial cleanser from Philosophy called Purity. I like it, smells lemony and my face feels pretty nice and clean afterwards. This came free with my Sephora points.

MAKEUP! haha. I've been going on makeup missions lately with my friend, Lani. To me, I feel she always has the best advice for make up! She does her research ;).

At the very top we have Maybelline's Superstay makeup 24hr foundation (in pure beige). I've tried many foundations (drugstore brands to high end brands). So far I'm really liking this foundation. I don't know if it's the BEST one I've tried so far, but I do like it! It does stay on, my face doesn't get as oily or shiny, and the coverage is about medium. I say it's worth it.

Next is Rimmel's Sexy Curves Mascara (color black, waterproof). I've tried MANY MANY MANY mascaras and I always find myself crawling back to Covergirl's LashBlast. LashBlast has so far been my number one mascara (lengthens very very well. Keeps my eyelashes curled. Often get mistaken for wearing falsies). Before buying Sexy Curves, I wanted to buy the japanese mascara, Fairy Drops. It's very expensive here, so I did some research online and found out that Sexy Curves is the alternative for FD. I've also read it's one of the better mascara's out there. So, I bought it. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. It does lengthen. Eyelashes don't stay curled, and a few hours into the day, and the mascara smudges. I'll definitely be going back to LashBlast.

Lastly, Maybelline's Colorsensational lipstick (in Pink Sand. Mind you, the color is a lighter pink, this pic color is inaccurate). I'm not too fond of lipsticks. They tend to make my lips flake or they run. BUT THIS IS AWESOME. Another great recommendation from Lani. It almost doesn't even feel like lipstick. It's quite moisturizing too. She's done her research and she says there's Vitamin E in it so that's a plus! I'm going to be buying the other colors :) Red will be next!

Aside from makeup, I bought this knit vest (in grey) today! I've been on the hunt to find a cute knit vest, and I think I've found it.

That's all for today!


  1. See! You do match with short hair! And I want that fatgirlslim stuff :((((((( But idk if it'll work for me

  2. lol...>< i guess it depends on the outfit too. sometimes my short hair doesn't match with what i wear O_O.

    you should try the fatgirlslim! i know it'll work for you. so far to all the girls i recommended it to, it has worked and i've seen it with my own eyes! :D but ummmmmm you don't really need it!! you gettin' skinny!

  3. aww I know what you mean though :( I could not wear t-shirts. -_-
    boo I need it! Need it for my stomach because yeah...love handles galore -_-;; Maybe I'll get some when I go back to Hawaii again :P

  4. That makeup looks so good. It's time I went and got some new makeup. Maybe I'll try Covergirl's Lashblast. I have used Covergirl before.

  5. very nice poo! i love how you're reviewing products! that's so awesome - you product guru, you. i would definitely try that ITSTAYS product when i wear strapless stuff (but not any time soon because it's so damn cold) how much is the maybelline's superstay makeup? maybe ill try that and see if it's good like mac - that way maybe i can save some money. and thanks for the lipstick review.. i been wanting a new pink lipstick to wear - i just been overwhelmed with what brand to buy since there are so many! but if you & lani did the research, i might as well take advantage of it, eh eh eh? hehehehe..conversational lipstick, eh? i'll say!

    i love how you review products POO :) definitely opens my knowledge to stuff like this, since im just pretty much walking blindly all the time!! <3


  6. Hi there! o(^-^)o
    I just stumbled into your blog
    & it looks amazing! Just like you!!

    So I have followed you already~~
    I hope you could follow me back
    if you want to ;)

  7. sandra > haha! yeah i know...it's contradictory. fat girl slim?! hahahaha

    rabbito > aww thank you! yeah i'll follow you :)

  8. Oh haay. So this is where yall ran off to. I like your product reviews! It inspires me to do my own reviews! Psh talk about starting projects without finishing... I can THINK about a project and never even start!

  9. lani > hehe you found me! haha! yeah you should definitely blog about product reviews, you'd be perfect at it!!! oh goodness, that's one thing I hate about myself :\ i can always start on something but then i never finish :(

  10. Oh haay. So this is where yall ran off to. I like your product reviews! It inspires me to do my own reviews! Psh talk about starting projects without finishing... I can THINK about a project and never even start!