April 18, 2010

I will master this!

There's always room for growth!!! In learning that is :)

So, lately I've been thinking about who I used to be and what I used to do. Who I used to be was someone who LOVED ART with a passion. I remember back in the day instead of carrying a purse with girly shit in it, it was my sketch book, a pencil / eraser and my CD player. HAHA! People who have known me from before know that I had a passion for drawing and people used to pay me to have me draw something for them! No joke. I thought it was weird though, because not like my drawings were anything compared to realism art or anything like that, mine was more of anime type of drawing. Cutesy stuff and all that junk. I did draw realism (or tried to) every once in a while...

I also remember that instead of going out and making friends, or hanging out with them, I'd rather lock myself in my room, stay at my "work" desk, drown myself in anime/video game OSTs or classical music and draw my life away. I got soooo pale from that. But it's what made me happy and kept me sane. Or did that make me look insane? Haha! Nevertheless, I was soooo happy with my life in art. I even wanted to become a manga-ka at one point. I still have boxfulls of amateur manga I used to create. I blush when I read them.

Anyway, I've had the urge to draw again, but to take it another step further, I'd like to paint them..in adobe photoshop. I've seen this done before, and it always fascinates me. I WILL MASTER THIS! Photoshop was and is a huge part of my life too. I used to tweak on it for hours when my brother first introduced me to PS4 (if I recall the version correctly).

To help me master this technique, I stumbled across this tutorial: http://www.markotusan.com/tutorials/001/?lokatord=001

So far so good. I think? What do you think..I'm not quite done with my practice ball, but feedback would be nice! My Beatles desktop background looks like John Lennon is critiquing my ball. Haha!
p.s. Don't mind my page layout. I'm currently working on it :)


  1. ahh ganbatte! It looks like fun! but a little tedious -_- I know you can do it, though <3

  2. ahh ganbatte! It looks like fun! but a little tedious -_- I know you can do it, though <3