July 19, 2012

JUVY&MONI 2NE1 cover of Lonely

Monica and I singing to 2NE1's japanese version of 'Lonely'.
We've been always singing this together since we were in Japan and whenever we're in my car, so we decided to record it for fun. It's not perfect, but that's what makes it special.

us just being us!

Our voices are enhanced a tiny bit just because we wish we sang in a better setting haha. Enjoy!


  1. I wish I could like the video multiple times lol.
    I really enjoyed the video, you guys sing very well!
    And your pictures are so cute, you guys need to stop being adorable lol but seriously haha

  2. aw thanks love! :3 hahaha maybe you should come down to hawaii and join us!! :D

  3. I can't say how happy I am that Moni and I didn't go to karaoke together although we were up for it.... would've been SO embarrassing for me LOL.
    You two have cute voices, loved the vid! :D

  4. Wooooow! Please do more <3
    You and Monica have such great voice im so amazed <3
    I really loved this two are so talented

  5. Cuties! Love your voices :) And surprisingly, this is my first time hearing their Japanese version of Lonely. I can't seem to keep up with Japanese activities, haha.

    Also, I got my boots from Target last year :) I think I saw similar ones yesterday though!

  6. aw thank you ^^
    you guys should've! did you guys meet up though when she was there???

  7. aw thank you :P we messed up a few times though >< but i'm glad you liked it! i hope to make more, it was fun ^^

  8. rawr! hehe, thanks char <3 yeah we tried singing the korean version...and yeah we suck at it! LOL

    ohhh! i shall check target soon *______* thanks!

  9. That would be so awesome :o I would love to visit Hawaii one of these days!

  10. God no, I love to sing but I wasn't bless with anything near a "voice". Only if she has strong ears :D
    Yeah we met shortly before she left for home and made a big Harajuku insider shopping day, glad we caught each other before she went home ^^

  11. you guys are too much fun. i don't really know 2NE1's stuff, but your video makes me wanna check out more of them! oh man, you guys really have awesome voices. JEALOUS.

    PS; i ADORE your hair colour. it really suits you! (:
    PPS; thank you for following my blog, definitely returning the favour.. don't know why it took so long!

  12. Oh you two are so cute! It's clear that you guys have the best friendship. Also...Incubus sang I miss You at their gig I went to, the whole crowd sang along and it was beautiful! I totally melted :D

  13. such a lovely song and u two sing great.

    greetings from Hong Kong!

    christian | my blog : www.christianyuen.blogspot.com

  14. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations

  15. aw you really should check out 2NE1! they are different from most of the kpop girl groups out there :) and aw thank you :) i have to touch up soon though, my roots are growing quickly haha. and no worries about following! :) it's all good! thanks for following back though <3

  16. haha ^^ thank you! and omg incubus did play that song!? GAH! hehehe i'm already melting thinking about the song :P