July 15, 2012

OOTD & Makkuro Makkuro pop-up shop

serious face~

IT WAS SO HOT IN HAWAII TODAY! It reached up to the 90's (Fahrenheit) which we're not too used to in Hawaii, it's usually just in the high 80's. Today Monica and I went to visit and support our friend who participated in a pop-up shop called Makkuro Makkuro. 

Boater hat: Royal Party / Striped leotard: Forever 21 / Teal skirt: given to me from Monica / Ankle strap wedges: a shop in Japan, I forgot the name!

The bag that my purchases were put into. Simple and sturdy ;)
"Makkuro Makkuro is a quarterly pop-up shop specializing in new and second-hand garments, accessories, and miscellaneous goods. Exclusive merchandise by local Hawaii designers and artisans will be showcased and available for purchase. Featured designers are Reise Kochi, Aron Luangphinith, Ryan Ota, and Ramie Sagisi."

Necklaces made by Aron

Aron workin' and Monica snapping away~ Sorry Aron, I caught you with your eyes closed :(
His other pieces

One of the stands at the shop. The little cameras are actually lighters and a flashlight! Monica and I loved the setup of the shop. It reminded us of the shops back in Japan.

"This is my shopping face" Looking through the racks of second-hand garments.

My purchase from Aron! I love the colors, it's more jade and purple in person. This might become my favorite bracelet :3

My other purchases from one of the other vendors, I believe her name was Cassie.
I guess I was in a vest mood!
For those in Hawaii, stop by! Lots of nice, one-of-a-kind items here and only one more day to catch it until their next pop-up! Last day is tomorrow!

Located at:

II Gallery
687 Auahi Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

7/14 Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
7/15 Sunday: 10:00am - 8:00pm


  1. The shop looks so cute!
    And I love your outfit!
    It's also been hot in Southern CA also in the 90's T-T

  2. I wish it was "only" 90 here, Japan atm is close to hit the 100, I cannot step outside my room where the cooler is, I am literally burning away at the floor in front of my room, whyyyy Japan!! I am only used to cold 70's in summer Germany XD" Gnagnagna. Love the bracelett you got, and your outfit is ♥!

  3. man, i remember when i was in japan during summer...i DIED. lol! しっかりしよう! XD

  4. and of course thank you ;) i love how simple yet so cute the bracelet is!

  5. man what's going on with the world right? global warming D:

  6. Love the whole outfit Juvy :D So pretty~
    I think I met your friend Aron while I was in HI. Does he work at Genius Outfitters? Love all his jewelry and I've been in a vest kinda mood as well, mainly denim though.
    San Diego weather is so bipolar...now I'm sick. ugh ;P

  7. The pop up shop looks so cool. All of the jewelry is amazing and I'd love to own a piece! ^^

  8. aww I wish I could have come! But you look cute, rawr! tar monster approves!! i love your purchases too, you're turning into amber already one clothing jewelry piece at a time! and skull head necklaces! rawrrr

  9. That's super cool! I love those necklaces by Aron (especially the black one with the skull). And I like your vest purchases. I see some very stud-able things here~~ lol

  10. the color of the skirt is adorable! love it :)

  11. Jealous! Please let me know when the next event is!!

  12. Your outfit is super cute!! Wish i could visit that shop!

  13. i love ur outfit!! ur skirt is sooo cute!

  14. Ohhhh, please tell me they are going to do another one soon. Say end of August/beginning of September when I'm in Hawaii!! I love those necklaces & vests!!!