July 18, 2010

Pinklovesoxygen 2010: Day Two


We hit up Waikiki this time. Even though I've been living in Hawaii for 10+ years, I still feel like a tourist. There's so many places and things I haven't done yet. I pretty much am still foreign to this paradise. I've actually always felt that way. Don't get me wrong, I love Hawaii and I always will but there's just something about this place that I feel like I don't belong. Hmm..maybe that's just me. On to the pics and detailed post! So we basically stayed in Waikiki. There are two sides to Waikiki. There's the end that is by the beach and where majority of the hotels are and then there is the side where a lot of the shopping can be done. I usually always stay on the shopping side (which also has the Military parking area). Since Janis and I are too old to have a Military ID, we could no longer park there, so our only option was by the zoo area (which is by the beach). Still keeping in mind the difference between the two ends of Waikiki, we were definitely not dressed in what everyone else was wearing on that side. I mean come on, it's the beach side! We were for sure tourists at this point. while every girl on that side was seen wearing just their bikinis and other type of beach-wear, Janis and I were dressed in trendy outfits. I could definitely feel the foreign stares. We just kept the mindset that "Hey! We're tourists! We don't know you guys, you don't know us, who cares?!" and keeping that in mind, we had a hell of a time.

First stop:


This burger joint is known for their burgers (obviously) and also their shakes. This was my first time here and I'm not too much of a burger fan but, oh my, these burgers live up to the reputation. Unfortunately I didn't get to try their shakes, I'll make it a point next time!

I forgot what Janis ordered, but I ordered the Teri burger. I loved the feel of the burger joint with their checkered tile floors and walls to their bright red seats and tables. Their staff was awesome too. Every 5 minutes a staff member would go around checking on customers and offering free wet-naps! How nice of them right? Two *clean* thumbs up from me!

If you want more info on this place in case you're in the Waikiki area, visit: Teddy's Bigger Burger website.

Here is their Yelp! page: More reviews!

After Teddy's it was time to head to our favorite boutique spots! We decided to take routes away from the main strip walkway, so we decided to cut through a hotel. We cut through the Hyatt Regency Hotel and took it as a photo opportunity. It almost felt like we were that same duo 4 years ago that used to travel together! The photo to the left is of Janis walking the Waikiki strip. She is my barbie doll. I dressed her from head to toe...okay well not toe, those are her own shoes, but everything else I pretty much threw on her from my own closet! Doesn't she look beautiful? She told me she was getting into a more "oshare" type of style and what better way to start off by having trial runs with my wardrobe? And plus, I love pulling outfits together. It's actually my position at where I work, I'm a wardrobe specialist. I made an outfit solely on matching it with the shoes. I'm very pleased with the outcome and I know for sure she was too :)

Our second stop:


Within the hotel we went to, there were various shops. It was a hot late afternoon so we decided to pick up some cold mocha lattes from Kimo Bean Coffee.
I'm not a big coffee fan so I don't normally buy or order drinks from Starbucks or places like that but this drink was delightful. It wasn't too rich (where the flavor would get stuck in your throat) it was very whippy and light tasting. It cooled us down and it helped that we were getting the spray mist from the waterfall we sat near to.

More info on Kimo Coffee Bean here.

More photos on my flickr site (link is on the right column)

Along the way after the Hyatt, we stopped by Marqet boutique, Spark! and Payless. Our last two stops were Genius Outfitters and Pineapple County.

We absolutely LOVE this shop. 2 floors of boutique heaven what more could you ask for?! This boutique is definitely up to date with trends and has a very friendly and helpful staff. Talked with the cashier and asked a bit about the shop. Genius Outfitters is a Hawaii based store but also has boutiques in Japan as well. The owner of the boutique also owns Pineapple County conveniently located right next door! There goes my money!!!! Genius Outfitters is not only for ladies but men as well. On the top floor there are men items such as shirts, pants, accessories all at great affordable prices! Here is their website. This boutique is definitely a MUST when shopping in Waikiki!


Another must is Pineapple County. Another 2 floor boutique! I can't get enough of this store, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS go to this store when I'm in Waikiki. And of course the famous Pineapple County mascots in the front of the store. No matter how many times I come here I always need a picture with it!

More info on Pineapple County here.

This was our last stop for the day. It's always fun to play tourist.

A pic of my purchases from Payless, Genius Outfitters & Pinapple County:

Striped Dress: Pineapple County $28
Buttoned Highwaist Skirt: Genius Outfitters $18
Studded Pointy Kitten Heels: Payless $9 (on sale!)
Pointy Kitten Heels: Payless (gift from Janis)

Before I end this post, I will end with some of purikura we took for this day. ENJJJJOOOYYYYY!!! And have a great day :)


  1. omg girl i've lived in Hawaii all my life and I think I know and have visited less places than you have >< it's really sad. so let's do that kind of exploring when i get back! >< ahh i wish janis were there too though... boo

    I have been to Teddy's before though! Loveeeeeeee ittttttttt! So yummy :3

  2. Looks like you were converted from a lot of things you're not the hugest fan of, from burgers to coffee! Looks like such a great time and I love my oil blotting papers too!