July 14, 2010

pinklovesoxygen 2010: Day One

Hi all! As promised, I will be trying to blog more! I have a feeling this post will be a lengthy one, so I applaud whoever gets through this. lol.

PINKLOVESOXYGEN 2010. What's the deal with that title? Well, let me give you a little history on that. Back in 2006, a good friend of mine who is very popular on the net, Janis, wanted to start a, line I guess you could say, of graphic design artworks called Pink Meets Oxygen. This was at first. Her and I were very good friends at the time and I was into graphic designing and video editing as well. We hung out (A LOT) and she pretty much stayed over at my place (A LOT, we were practically living together) and decided to form a partnership. We both loved creating and our creative juices were flowing! Janis then decided to change the name to Pinklovesoxygen and it just stuck. We sort of made a name for ourselves for a good amount of time with self-made MV's and also mini web-isodes. We had a good feeling this was going to last for a while and we were also planning to publish a photobook. After our trip we took to New York in December of 2006 we both found ourselves men who we are still with today. I guess you could say that we went our separate ways but decided to just call it a hiatus. Till now I get random people who recognize me and Janis from our MV's and always ask"Hey, are you that girl from Pinklovesoxygen?!" It's quite flattering but somewhat embarrassing. I don't know why, I'm not good with compliments. Makes me want to stick my head in the ground like an ostrich.

We've always meant to reunite but we just never had the time. Then she moved to California. Now she's back for vacation and we're not wasting or regretting any day we have to spend together!


Met up with Janis at her mom's place where her mom cooked us some good old filipino home cooked meal! It was so so scrumptious and made me so full, I wanted to unbutton my highwaisted shorts just to eat more.

Janis and I then started relaxing drinking on some Sakura Black hot tea and watching "The Beatles First US Visit" swooning over George Harrison and John Lennon.
It was great seeing her mom, she always made me feel so loved. I especially feel loved when her mom goes out of the way to see me at my work place just to say hi! It makes me feel like they are truly my family. It made me sad when her mom said to me "It almost feels like yesterday when we went to California..." (I went with Janis' family to California back in 2006) Just being at their place, seeing lots of familiar items and photos with me in it made me tear. I do consider them family.

After reminiscing, Janis and I decided that we really needed to get a move on on our adventures together, so we decided to venture downtown and take a much needed purikura session together! The last and ONLY time we ever took purikura together was in Japantown in California back in 2006. We were both noobs at it at the time so our pics were very bare to any kind of purikura drawings and whatnot. This is Janis and her discovery of oil blotting paper. She always thought there was one kind of oil blotting paper: the one with the powder. Mine is a Japanese brand and it's meant for sweat & oil. She was soooo amazed with it! I actually have video of her talking about it, I'll post that later.

We're done! I also decided to try some of the falsies she brought back with her that she ordered from ebay. Not the greatest quality, but it was about $3.00 for 40 pairs of lashes! Great for practicing and for just using without caring too much about them. What do you think? Can you see them? It was also pretty funny because coincidentally, we were both wearing high waisted shorts and the SAME circle lenses (oh yeah and same falsies too). So she decided to throw on some sexy red lipstick while I threw on innocent pink lipstick. We were ready to go! I guess we were even more excited because I also had my new DSLR camera to play with! She was amazed with the quality and is even thinking of getting the same camera! She would totally match with the pink version!!

Me, Auntie (Janis' mom), Janis

PURIKURA TIME! Just *some* of our purikura. Yes some. Hey now, we're gonna take a YEAR'S worth of purikura if we have to! She's only here for 2 weeks! When we got there it was pretty busy (for a Monday too) but as always the guy who runs the place is always so nice to me. He pretty much sees me as a regular :P haha. Discount? bwa hahaha. I'm more excited now because he gave me the heads up that they will be getting 2 new machines! I can't wait! So after 4 sessions, we decided to call it quits (for now) and head to Don Quijote and Ala Moana for some eats and window shopping. Of course before leaving we take pics and we dance it up in my car. I'll upload the vid next post too.

Janis and her awesome wedges!

@ Don Quijote for some taiyaki

@ Ala Moana for some macarons, Spiral Girl, Shirokya and F21 shopping.


Green Tea