July 10, 2010


☁ ☀ ☁☁☁

I turned 24 on July 8. A package from Japan came in for me on my special day! My DSLR camera arrived! Panasonic DMC-GF1. I've been anticipating it's arrival! (Thanks again to my lovey, Monica, for showing me this awesome piece of technology!)
Spent the day playing around with it, while the bf also brought his Nikon out too. Introduced the two cameras together. His & Her's ♡

Ended the night with a small karaoke room for 2, loads of drinks and snacks! Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm making it a point to make time for blogspot again!!! More details on what I've been up to lately on my next post!
Updates are to include:
More and more photos, including purikura!,
and my occasional rants!


  1. TWIN! hehe yay I can't wait to take pics with you on that cam. My cam too ;3

    And don't worry about those pants. I kind of wanted polka dots hehe Man, I'd totally wear this on Hawaii. I guess I'm so used to it now (seeing others wear weird clothes) :) come hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. Is that the pancake lens that you got with it or zoom? x

  3. dina - yes it's just the pancake lens that came with it, there's no optical zoom or anything

  4. hello, where can I purchase this camera?

  5. hello, these are actually available at any big electronics store now. they even came out with a GF2 and recently the GF3! :) it's just certain colors are only available in certain countries. Good luck!