July 31, 2011

Quando, Quando, Quando

It's finals week here in Japan. 4 down, 6 more to go! Then it's a lot of farewell parties to attend to and also the Biwako Hanabi Taikai on the 8th! But for now, listening to some good music, sipping on a cafe au lait, snacking on some Japanese sweets & getting my study on.

A warm "HELLO!" to my new followers <3

July 19, 2011


☀ SATURDAY JULY 16, 2011 ☀
My two best friends came to see me all the way from Tokyo! お疲れ様でした!They traveled 8 hours by bus to come see me for the weekend! They only stayed for 2 days but we tried to make the most of it.
The belated birthday gifts they gave to me :)

Reunited! Right after we arrived back to my place, we got ready right away! 
Me and my wifey ❤

Met up with my friend, Masayuki. He took us yukata shopping! Bottom right pic is of me getting fitted for one. That particular weekend was the Gion Matsuri, one of the biggest festivals in Japan. Wearing a summer yukata is a must! Even Monica, Mighty and Masayuki bought one too.

Afterwards we headed to Kobe to meet up with other friends that were throwing a birthday party/going away party. The birthday part was for me (3rd time celebrating my bday!) and 2 other friends (Kiichi & Shunsuke). We celebrated it at a Hawaiian Restaurant called "Olu Olu".  If you're ever in the Kobe area I recommend stopping by!

☀SUNDAY JULY 17, 2011☀

The next day was pretty much their last day so we decided to use it sightseeing & then heading to the Gion Matsuri in our yukata. Bright and early, we met my friend, Masayuki again and got on the bus to head to our first destination: Kinkakuji!!!

It was REAAAAALLLLYYY HOT but we endured it! Kinkakuji was beautiful. I think we would have enjoyed it more if it weren't as hot though. I do want to return during the fall or winter. I heard it's recommended to visit during those times.

Heading to our next destination! Kiyomizudera!

This temple had more things to do than Kinkakuji. My pictures don't do this place any justice but if you're ever in the Kyoto area, this temple is a MUST. I want to return to temple during the fall or winter also!

Afterwards, we found a small sweets shop 
and decided to try their Green Tea Ice Cream Puff! 

Headed back home to change into our yukata!
Monica also brought along with her these celebration popper things. 
Each was different!
Yay! We're ready to go!
I wish we had more time do make our makeup more fancy and also to accessorize our hair more but we had to hurry! It was hot and our makeup would have probably melted off anyway haha.

Waiting for the subway

Kamogawa River! Me and my friends usually come by here to relax and drink. This is where we decided to hang out and enjoy the summer breeze.

Girls in our yukata and the guys in their 'jinbei'


After drinking & eating we headed to karaoke to end our night!