August 15, 2010

Red Velvet


Jac always talked about taking me to Cinnamon's in Kailua for breakfast and so we finally did. It's always fun driving to the windward side, going through H3 and arriving next to the beautiful Hawaii mountains and ocean! I always feel like a tourist whenever I go to that side.

Cinnamon's is known for their (delicious) Red Velvet Pancakes. It's a cute, as their sign says, family restaurant. Staff is super friendly and very homey. You get the choice to either sit inside or outside. We got sat inside where they have white christmas lights and even a huge gazebo where you can sit in to eat also!

More info on Cinnamon's HERE.
More pics of our Cinnamon's breakfast on my Flickr site,
on the right column.

We ordered the short stack which comes with 2, but it was pretty big! When we were slicing it up into triangle pieces the butter knife was pretty much sliding through it like...butter! It was so so so delicious. At the end of our meal we find out that this old couple sitting next to us offered us a 25% off coupon for our tab! How very sweet! We don't know why they gave it to us but we are very thankful.

nomming on the pancakes


Afterwards I thought "why not stop by FunPix today? We're already out on this side of the island and my purikura stamp card is filled AND their new machines should be up!" Yes! their new machines ARE up! I was like a little kid in a candy store. The only problem was, my best friends aren't here with me on the island to enjoy this (Janis, Monica, Lani). AND to my sadness the machine I was MORE excited about (the Rilakkuma one) was out of order. The owner of the shop said they are waiting for one more part :(. But I was still excited to take the Mickey Mouse one! For some reason there was always a difference in Japanese Disney and American Disney. Call me crazy, but there just me. There's just something about Japanese Disney that seems vibrant, alive, fun and very creative. Hmmm okay moving on.

These machines aren't your typical 'go-into-a-mini-room-and-take-6-to-8-shots-then-get-about-2-to-3-minutes-drawing-on-it' type, these were what I like to call "quickie" booths. I also noticed that newer purikura machines are built with a automatic 'make-your-eyes-look-extra-girly-and-huge' effect! Jac did not sit well with this! Lol.

Here's the inside of the machine (the Rilakkuma one is the same type of machine also). You take the pics there and you design there, all in one spot. It's very fast paced so you better know what you're doing!

I'm definitely going again (hopefully with my girl friends) and hoping this time the Rilakkuma one is up!

For those of you who live in Hawaii,
more info on the purikura shop HERE.

Me being very excited for the new machines!

August 13, 2010


Forgot to eat dinner tonight so I made myself a pb&j sandwich on multigrain bread. Washed it down with organic unsweetened soymilk. Drank it out of the leftover christmas disposable cups. Mmmmmm :)

And to top off my night, I FINALLY FOUND MY (favorite) BLACK SLOUCH CARDIGAN! I've been looking for it for weeks. It ended up being in my mom's closet. Curse our somewhat same size-ness. -____-

August 03, 2010

Crazy crazy crazy

I've been so busy lately, I didn't keep the promise to blog more. I tried! And you all know how lengthy my posts can be!

So I've been putting my Beatles playlist on pause for now and lately I've been rummaging through old cd's from my past. These include bands like Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Blink 182, American Hi-Fi, Emery, Rooney and few more I can't remember right now. Jimmy Eat World is on heavy rotation at the moment. It's helping me get through a hard time I'm going through right now. As they did before, they are here to the rescue once again.

By the way, a question to you all: Do you believe in signs? As in...something happens, it triggers something in you like you were meant to hear/see it and it somehow relates to whatever you're going through at the moment. Like, RIGHT ON POINT. When ever I see these 'signs' it's like everything around it blurs or fades out and that 'sign' is crystal clear.

So do you believe in signs?