September 17, 2010

We meet only to part.

"I will prepare and some day my chance will come"
- Abraham Lincoln

Wow - I never realized how busy I'd be since fall semester started. I mean, I knew I was gonna be busy but I didn't think to what extent! My usual weekday starts like this:

7am - 9am: Wake up, get ready, feed the dogs, get my breakfast/lunch ready, make my Tazo Awake tea, do any last minute things for school (printing out things, etc.)

10/10:30am: Arrive at school. When I arrive at school I still have a journey to walk to my building! My building happens to be clear across the whole University of Hawaii campus! No where NEAR the parking structure. Not only that, but I'm lugging with me all my books and sometimes my laptop.

10:45am - 12:15pm: Go to Hamilton Library, calm down a bit (get unsweaty, yuck!), study and eat until my class starts.

12:30pm - 2:30pm: In class. Between one class and another, I run my ass to a seperate building where I THEN have to run up 3 flights of stairs AND I still end up being late...and sweaty D:!!

2:30pm: Race to my car to try and beat the traffic that's beginning.

3:00pm - 9:oopm: Study and get homework done at Starbucks in Pearl City. (I used to wonder why people do this, but I tried it out for the heck of it and I realize that I actually become more focused and I get all my crap done!)

9:30pm: Arrive home, get ready for bed, prepare myself for the next day and then fall asleep to Adult Swim by 10:30pm.

RAWR! All my hard work will pay off in the end...I hope.


As much as I love these stockings (which WERE new btw), these types of stockings run easily. Especially for a girl who's running everywhere in one day! I just put these babies on and I noticed a tiny HOLE on my left thigh! I wanted to react ASAP because that hole can be the end of a stocking! So I turned to Google for my rescue. Pressed for time, because I was about to leave for school, I clicked on the first link which was:

I was in a hurry so I didn't really follow the directions accordingly, I just pretty much dabbed on that clear nail polish and left! Here's what ended up happening!

You see that white spot there?! Yep... I have to say though, it did it's job keeping that hole in place!
I guess it's goodbye to these stockings. Until I find a more stronger version I guess. On a cuter note, do you like my Rilakkuma socks?

On to other purchases I've made! Who knew your local K-Mart would carry such cute items? Where I live we have a K-Mart and a recently opened Target and Ross. As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ross, the lines are never ending and nowadays, I don't have that kind of time. My co-worker recently bought these SUPER cute, vintage looking kitten heels from K-Mart from a brand called 'attention'. I've seen that brand before actually and I have to say that they have some cute stuff! She told me she got her cute kitten heels for only $4.99!! Say WHAT?! You know I rushed to my K-Mart right away! The good thing is too, is that since Target and Ross opened up, K-Mart isn't swarming with people (good for me, but I guess not good for the business lol). I swiped me the kitten heels and on my way out I spotted this bag.
It's by the same brand also! AND it was on sale! It worked out perfectly because I was looking for a 'silver-toned bag' (to match my silver-only-accessory-outfits) What I love about this bag also is that it hold EVERYTHING I bring to school. Plus, it folds over and just looks absolutely cute and grownup. I even saw pretty much the same exact bag on Urban Outfitters, I think it was about $60 on there.
Oh and I recently bought these boots! I purchased these from F21. I have LOTS of boots and I was sooo hesitant to buy these boots, but I just love the way they look! I figured, since I'm buying these boots, I'm gonna be selling the boots that I already have (the ones that never saw the light of day in ages! Sorry boots'll be going to a better home)

I used to be a giant-pendant-long-chain-necklace type of girl. Recently I've been using my smaller pendants a lot more and I actually like it better. I feel womanly when I wear my smaller pendants. As you can see from the picture below I'm wearing a small ribbon pendant. That's one of my dailies along with a crown pendant necklace. The teddy bear pendant I just recently bought too! I love it so much! It's too cute! I saw it on and when I went there the other day THEY HAD IT so I had to get it!
I had to get new sunglasses since mine were crushed to pieces (by me, I accidentally stepped on them with my K-Mart kitten heels lol) The funny thing is, is that only after I bought it and started taking the stickers off of it, I noticed it said MEN21 (F21's line for men). LOL. Oops... I think they look good! What do you think??

I was looking for black frames, but there weren't any. I really like the taupe color though. something different and it kinda adds something to my outfits :)
Last, I bought this drape skirt. I realize also that I need more bottoms in my closet. I've always liked this kinds of skirts but thought they don't work well with my body type. But what the hell, I bought it anyway, I'll MAKE IT WORK. I can wear it highwaist or on the hip or even loose shirts over it. I never wore it out yet, but I'll take pictures when I do!
As of late:

♔ Had a jam session (which I haven't had since 2005) and it felt rejuvenating! It made me realize all the more why I miss playing in a band.

♔ In dire need of a hair cut (Just to add shape and volume to my blah hair) and i need to redye my hair (I already have the dye)

♔ I started a blog account! Let me know if you want an invite!

♔ Got back into Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hands down STILL one of my favorite anime/manga of all time. I can't wait for the 3rd movie to come out. My favorite seiyuu is in NGE, and plus the OST's to NGE are AMAZING.

♔ Started watching 'High School of the Dead' (HOTD). Lots of fan service but I enjoy the zombie/apocalyptic storyline.

♔ Playing the waiting game once again. Hopefully this time...


  1. So this is where our Kmart went lol to Hawaii.
    I was really shocked about how Hawaii recently got a Target there. In my location alone there are at least 10 0_0 all in close
    distances. I really like the bag! I haven't had any luck finding a cute school bag yet.
    That skirt is adorbs too!

  2. i know! i was like "okay hawaii, finally you're opening up a target here!" idk what it is with hawaii and lateness. -____-;

    the thing we have the most is MCDONALDS. currently, they are building new mcdonalds all of which or like less than 5 minutes away from mcdonalds that are already there!!!!!


  4. omg so much stuff poo!! :) rawrr who knew you would find deals at kmart.. i dont even know where you could find kmart here.. but i love that bag you got.. you always wanted one for a long time.. love the cute small pendants.. and all your outfits.. !! rawrr thanks for calling me yesterday.. i know we been all so busy lately, i feel like we're getting back into our routines.. but hopefully we'll get to chat more when we're on vacation or something.. someday lol .. i hope you get it this time... good luckkkkk miss you.. oh and i want a mixi :) <3 hehehe maybe ill try it!

  5. monica!!!!! my nickname is リラッジュヴィ
    lol!!!! but i think if you're searching for me through email it's

  6. poops!!! yeah i know kmart surprised me! sorry for not keeping in touch lately :( i too feel disconnected and i just feel like this whole month has been stressful! you girls (you lani and monica) are always on my mind though!!! :) i misss youuu pooo i hope we can skype sometime soon, i miss yer face! :3

    oooo yeah get a mixi! which email do you want me to send it to?