September 23, 2010

Hawaii may be all sun but...

I'm so happy that fall is here. Majority of my closet items are for fall (I'm a sucker for cardigans!) Yeah I live in Hawaii, but there is a difference in temperature come fall & winter. Also, rainy season starts soon. I guess you can say that's Hawaii's snow. --ahhh... I miss snow!

I bought a circle (infinite) scarf the other day! I love it. I think I'll be purchasing more in the future. I have so many scarves though, I'm gonna have to get rid of a few.

Back in 2003, I used to rock scarves at my high school. I used to get weird looks like "ARE YOU CRAZY" but I don't care! I did it anyway. I never felt uncomfortable, nor hot! For some reason, I don't get as hot as people SAY it is hot here in Hawaii. Lucky me I guess.

Simple outfit (for school). Infinite scarf x black (thin material) long sleeve x denim x Puma pop art 917 lo (roy lichtenstein edition). Fresh face (only mascara and blush) & non-hair-straightenered hair or hair extensions. It's good to have your face and hair breathe once in a while!

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  1. rock it baby!!! you gotta go to japan so you can rock it everyday :D