April 22, 2010

Online Purchases and semi update

Two of my online purchases came in the mail this past week!

My (hard to find) Rilakkuma iPhone case


My boater hat from nastygal.com

(my walls make all my pictures appear a lot more yellow/greener than usual! I'm actually planning on repainting my walls soon though)

Funny thing I was wondering: when I went to pick up my packages from the post office, I wonder what the worker was thinking when he grabbed the nastygal.com package. He had to check my name and all that and I'm pretty sure he glanced at the NASTY GAL sender address. Oh well.

I also just won this can can / boater hat (in beige) in an auction on ebay.
(picture taken from ebay.com)

One thing you may not know about me: I love love love to thrift shop (once in a great while). I love looking thru other peoples trash/treasure? I usually always find something I like, whether it be records, books, clothes, bags, shoes etc. I of course make sure it's still useable and presentable! This time on my thrifting adventures, I came across 2 Urban Outfitters tops, both are Kimchi & Blue brands. I was stoked. Kimchi & Blue usually sell their items in the $45+ range. These tops were pretty much brand new!

They might not look like much in the picture, but when worn, they are sooo gorgeous!

I also found a Beatles book, or rather a book that Ringo published called 'Postcards from the Boys' . It's a really cute book in my opinion, it features all the postcards that 'the boys' (John, Paul & George) had sent to Ringo even from after they broke up. It's so sweet to flip through them and read what they wrote and drew to each other. It makes me miss my friends.

In recent news too, my brother's girlfriend, Liz, came to me and gave me A LOAD of FREE makeup from L'oReal, Maybelline & HiP. She apparently has a friend who works at, honestly I forgot..but, her friend was able to get her makeup by the handful! I swear, I think there is at least close to $70 worth of makeup in the bag she gave me, if not, more! I'll do a review on them later on.

And I finally ordered my dollfront.com circle lenses. They should be here by Saturday. I'm super excited! I ordered the Nudy Quarter Golden Blue lenses (refer to my blog a couple blogs previously).

Me and my friend Lani are also trying to sing a duet together. "Existentialism on Prom Night" by Straylight Run. It's a beautiful song and I've always loved it and also has sentimental meaning to me. I'm playing the guitar & singing lead vocal while Lani comes in to harmonize with me. We did a couple of recordings but was always interrupted by something -__-. Maybe when I get a chance to edit the videos, I'll post one up here. I forgot how relaxing and fun it was to pick up the guitar, sing and harmonize. It makes me reminisce on when I was part of a band back in the day. Good times.

Lani & I pretty much did a bunch of stuff...wearing wigs!!!!

This was actually a screen cap taken from the many trials of videos we took XD She's actually doing a para para dance :3


  1. ohhh nastygal!! hahah love it!
    Mighty and I decided to try color lenses too. Let's all take a picture with our lenses on!

  2. Hi hun~ I hope it's ok that i added you! Me likes your blog!~ :)) Keep it up!~

    And~ Thnx allot for shairning! I've been looking for a boater hat for around 4 months now!~ <3 Wiu~ Thnx allottt! I'm so ordering one for myself! :3

    Huggles* Peace and ice cream!~

  3. Aweedee - anytime! I'm glad my blog helped you out :D I'll add you back too <3