August 23, 2011

Coordinate Post 8/22

necklace: given to me by a friend
bracelets: Charlotte Russe
tiger face leotard: Forever 21
wig: given to me by a friend

long trousers: Retro Girl
shoes: Urban Outfitters
bag: given to me by a friend

Back when I used to work at Charlotte Russe, I always made it a point to layer accessories upon accessories and since coming to Japan, haven't had much time to dress as nice as I did in Hawaii. I would have thought it would have been the opposite but I think because I walk and ride my bike everywhere I don't have the motivation to dress that nice or risk my skirt flying up while riding my bike. But I wanted to channel a bit of how I used to dress back at home through the layers of bracelets I'm wearing (^___^).

I've also been wearing the 2 wigs I have a lot recently. I really don't like my hair at this point and in attempts to resist cutting it (as always) I've been putting my wigs to good use ;) I'm thinking of getting a short one next! 


  1. It's trouses ? i would have thought i was a skirt :O but i really like the style. It looks awesome <3 and i love the necklace ..

  2. yeah it looks like a maxi skirt but it's actually like...wide legged trousers ^_____^ i like it because i can actually wear it while riding my bike without worrying about it flying up!

  3. That's so clever! \^O^/ Cause bikes and skirts is srsly a no no..

  4. haha! i have my share of horror stories already O_O

  5. oh poops i didnt realize they're trousers too.. haha so cute!!!! you know i love your pictures!! MODE STYLE .. rawrrrrr and the wig is so cute on you.. you should put up your pictures the one you took with your friend!! <3

  6. I love your style! You need to teach me how to use accessories. LOL. I haven't used some in forevers that I get scared to try b/c Idk if it'd look nice.

  7. hehe! i'll get to that :) i'll probably start doing that today since i have time!

  8. thanks dinah <3! i honestly don't really know how to wear accessories as well as other girls though O_O

    you should just wear it anyway even if you think that! remember: confidence is key ;)