August 22, 2011

同志社大学留学 ✿ Doshisha University Farewell Party

This was on August 06, 2011 but I finally found time to blog about it.
This was held for all the study abroad students that were nearing the end of their year term. We held a goodbye party for the study abroad students (newcomers and of course the ones that were leaving), our senseis and anyone else who wanted to attend. It was at Doshisha's Kambaikan campus' cafe. A bit small to hold 90+ people but we pulled it off.

There were even performances that were held by a couple of my friends and even a performance by me!

On to pictures~

All you can eat, all you can drink!

Speeches made by our senseis and two of our friends

Me and my friend from France, Celia. We both did a performance! (vid at the bottom)

The performances that were held!

Me and Celia's performance!
Danced to Girl's Generation - Gee and
Ayaman Japan's - poipoipoi (changed the lyrics a bit though).

The video ↗↗ Keep in mind that I only got a chance to learn the dance THE NIGHT BEFORE! I was really nervous but it was fun and I'm glad everyone got into it :)

Video Contents:
✿ Steven's speech
✿ Matsumoto sensei's speech
✿ Marco's spanish guitar
✿ Jeff, Steven & Hanvit's song performance
✿ Jamie's enka performance
✿ Celia & Juvy's 'gee' dance and rilakkuma poipoipoi dance

I'm glad this party was a success. Unfortunately a lot of the friends that I've made since coming here have left already. I'm sad but also excited to see fresh new faces! I'm lucky to have made friends from different parts of the world. Till we meet again!


  1. Wow--- great job on the dance! <33 And your kigurumi is so cuuuttee!! > . < Congrats on finishing your semester(s?) abroad!

  2. hawwwww i wish i went to school with you...i mean in Japan :(

  3. aw thank you!!! i so far finished one semester! one more to go ;)

  4. The party looks so fun! and you did quite well at the gee dance when you just learned it the night before .. :D

  5. This video is so nice! Seems like you had a lot of fun at your party. Hoping you'll meet new friends from overseas soon! (:

  6. haha thank you! :) yeah the party was fun even though i was so tired :P

  7. aww thank you! yeah i can't wait :)