August 26, 2011

Tower of the Sun ☀ 太陽の塔

"The Tower of the Sun is both a concrete tower and 
a work of art located in Expo Commemoration Park in Osaka, Japan. 
It was created by artist Tarō Okamoto for Expo '70. The tower has three sun faces: 
the face on the front represents the present; the face on top 
represents the future (looking forward); 
and the face on the back represents the past (looking back). 
The jagged red lines on the side of the tower represent thunder.
 The tower was originally housed in a larger building, 
with the top of the tower emerging through the top of the building. 
The building was removed in 1979, exposing the Tower of the Sun."

At work one of my students recommended I check out the Tower of the Sun located in Osaka. I was a bit hesitant at first thinking that I was gonna travel to Osaka just to see a tower. I enjoy and appreciate looking at great architectural structures and art so when I learned the meaning behind the Sun Tower I was intrigued. I also later learned that this place is full of romantic sceneries, monthly events and there's even a waterpark right next to it!

So once again, me and my friend, Bunkei, decided to add the tower to our sightseeing adventures! There was a small entrance fee of 250 yen to pay but it's well worth it.

August's event was the Sunflower Festival! Sunflowers are great symbols for summer and also one of my favorite types of flowers. I was happy we got to catch it right before this event ended. Most of the sunflowers were wilting but luckily we still found some that were full of life.

enjoying the sunflowers!!!
map & ticket, bunkei & her new-found love: spam musubi, duck boats, oh and me
this park had so many flower gardens!
Rose Gardens

vanilla & rose flavored ice cream! so good :) oh and salt & lychee drink?!
of course, jumping picture!
Coordinate for that day:
flowy tunic: RawEdge
wedges: Ropé picnic
denim shorts: Charlotte Russe
parasol: Daiso
wig: Linea-storia

I think this is a GREAT place to go on a date. The many flowery sceneries this place has to offer and the atmosphere are all very romantic. I do plan on returning to this place for the other events, with a  boyfriend or without a boyfriend!

If you'll be in the Kansai Area, some upcoming events for the rest of 2011 are:

October: Cosmos Festival
November: Koyo Festival
December: Illumination Fair



  1. So awesome! I really love these pictures~ It looks really lovely there.

  2. Oh poo, you know how I love your photos!!! :D I miss having photoshoots with you.. the places you been to are so beautiful! The sunflower place looks so amazing.. like something out of a movie! ahhhh i wanna get back to nature!!! XD want to see more of these photos! more more more! model STATUS eh brah

  3. rawr rawr rawr! we'll be having photoshoots when you come visit!!!!!!

  4. OH MY GOSH JUVY, these photos are awesome! The sunflowers are so beautiful... so lucky you get to experience Japan. Can't ever find places like this in Hawaii... this is a perfect photoshoot place! You look super cute btw, lovin' that wig and ohhhh cute dress! Hope all is well!!


  5. thank you!!! haha yeah it'd be nice to bring a guy T____T next time! (maybe haha if i can get one! RAWR! lolll)

  6. thanks jackie!!! you'd LOVE it here! so many photoshoot ops! just need someone like you here with me!! :D

  7. Gorgeous photos! Wish I could be there together, it looks so much fun! ^-^ Sunflowers are very beautiful, a good friend once gave a huge one to me when visiting me in Berlin (: Oh, and your nails are pretty done <:

  8. when you're here in japan definitely come to the kansai area!!! and thanks for noticing my nails :> hehe

  9. Yeah, I plan to! I hope my money allows me to go, it would be great (: I really appreciate your recent updates about the area.

  10. lololol!
    I know how you mean~ (; w ; )

  11. Your photos are so pretty! The sunflower scenes are straight from a movie! I feel like I'm living my life vicariously through your blog in Japan lol.

  12. aw that's one of the best comments i've received! "I feel like I'm living my life vicariously through your blog in Japan lol." hehehe i'm glad! that's what i hope i can share with everyone ^____^ thank you <3

  13. Lovely pictures, you look so cute in your dress :]