August 18, 2011

Today's Coordinate 8/17

Simple outfit. Just went to the movies with a friend! Girls get discounts every Wednesday at the movies ;) I also decided to wear my wig <3
Cardigan: Uniqlo
heart print tunic: Charlotte Russe
leggings: 3coins
yellow wedges: (forgot the store name, somewhere in kyoto)
purse: given to me by a friend

Unfortunately since it's SUPER humid & hot here in Kyoto, I've broken out with rashes in various places on my body. One of those places happen to be around my mouth :( so for now, I wear a mask. It's slowly but surely healing! It's a good thing wearing a mask is not out of the ordinary here :)

For each girl it's 1000yen

Waiting with our tickets!

Purikura after the movie~


  1. Cute outfit! And I love how long your hair got. <3

  2. U look so cute ^^ lovely outfit! :)

  3. thanks dinah! hahaha gotta love wigs! i already own 4 >< i think i'm addicted! certain hair lengths just go better with certain outfits ;) do you own any? extensions?

  4. what?! that's a wig? I would never have guessed haha. I only have red extensions but rarely use them. I want to try those now. haha.

  5. You are so cute! And I love your fashion style babes!