October 07, 2010

It's in the photograph.

Argh, I miss taking pictures of anything, everything and the inbetween. Good times, funny times, interesting times, kodak moments, family time, friend time, me and my doggy (Lucky) time.

I've been too busy to venture out and take pictures. I can't wait till I can pick up the camera again and just snap away at memories and snap away at anything that inspires me.

I always want to bring my camera with me to school but I carry enough bulk as it is and I don't trust leaving my camera in the car.

BLEH. It'll all be worth it in the end! I just miss taking snapshots on the daily.


  1. I totally know what you mean Juvy-san! From reading your tweets your gonna study abroad in Japan? That is soo awesome. That will give you TONS of opportunities to snap away pictures :) But yeah not being able to take pictures on the daily is a bummers :/

  2. yeah! :) i can't wait to visit many new places and document my stay there!