November 10, 2010


Face: Etude House Magic BB cream
Mascara: CoverGirl Lash Blast Black waterproof
Cheeks: Makeup Forever Scupting Blush (in orange)
Lips: Chanel lipgloss #135

(I realize the way I PSed the pics,
you can't really see my makeup but I thought I'd share)


  1. I swear, you can pull off any hairstyle! Love this one :)

  2. Thanks Jackie :) I get bored with my hair fast so I always have to do something with it! lollll have you ever had short hair before? i love your long luscious curls though! gorgeous!

  3. Cute hair do :) and I love your camera and your blog! Lol I don't know how to give a direct answer to your Q in my comment section, so I'll do so here. Yeah, I'm Mary's cousin. :)

  4. you're so grown up now! :) pretty young lady. how are you? i read on your blog you go to UH? i'm there too :) maybe we've passed by each other lolll

  5. Girly.. you're such a cutie patootie!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  6. No I never tried short hair like ever, maybe if I'm feeling spontaneous I will lol. Thank Juvy :) <3

  7. cutie poo :) the first pic reminds me of your pink loves oxygen days when we would take close up pics of each other :) you always have the best side profile pics..

    and wait a minute, where did you get that shirt again?