November 08, 2010

Oil-blotting? Let me grab my TOILET SEAT COVER!(?)

Yes that's right. TOILET SEAT COVERS.

Out of oil-blotting paper? Don't have time to run to the store? Night out on the town and notice that your face is greased up? Just head to the restroom and grab a piece of a toilet seat cover and blot away!!

When I first heard this from my co-worker I was like "SAY WHAAAAA?" and I just had to try it for myself! I head to my work's bathroom and reluctantly took a toilet seat cover and started blotting my face. To my surprise, it was absorbing my unwanted face oil!

What a great way to refresh your face when your in a pinch on that hot dinner date with no oil-blotting paper on hand!

Don't want to take my word on it? Do some research for yourself :) You'll be surprised! Or next time you find yourself in a (clean) restroom, grab that toilet seat cover and blot your face!

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