February 24, 2011

3 more weeks

Less than 3 weeks before I leave for Japan.
I'll start packing next week :P
I can't wait to start blogging more again!
How is everyone doing? (dumb question when I can just go over to ya'lls blogs & find out lol)

A BIG HEEEELLLLOOOO to all my new followers! Please wait for my upcoming posts! :3


  1. we are going to party it up when you're here. i'm seriously thinking of calling in sick one day LOL >< i'd feel so bad if i leave you every week day in the morning by yourself. esp when i could be hanging with you!!!! aghhh maybe i'll introduce you to alexs or something and he can take you around the tranny streets of tokyo

  2. Lookin' fab, Juvy!! ^__^ And I just love the over-the-knee stockings on you!! ♥ I hope you have tons of fun in Japan!

  3. Hey! this is formerly (ekstatic from LJ if you remember :P) You must be stoked for Japan! Lucky girl! Anyway, you need to update though! I loved reading your LJ back then and always look forward to some stylish posts from you here too :) Good luck with Japan! ~