November 29, 2011


Anyone have Instagram? I don't know if Instagram is available for other smartphones, but if you have an iphone you should definitely download the Instagram app! Not only does it offer awesome polaroid effects but you can instantly upload and share with the world! If Twitter and Tumblr had a child together, it would be Instagram.

My Instagram username: oalimay (what else would it be? lol)


  1. your username could be like orangecarrot or ALALALALALA

  2. lollllllll!!!!
    MAYBE I WILL change it!

  3. instagram is one of the reasons I want an iphone!!

  4. meh meh meh RAWR IM SEEING YOU THIS MONTH! yes let's instagram our photos TOGETHER

  5. Hi! I just found your blog and read that you're staying in Kyoto. I think that's really cool since most people are in Tokyo :P I live in Osaka but I want to visit some nice parks in Kyoto so I was wondering if you have any suggestions??
    Thanks! :) Looking forward to your next post ;)

  6. aaah! you should get one! :) do you have a smartphone? aww that means instagram is only available for iphones? :< boo! ><

  7. Hey!! It's so nice you're living in Osaka :) what are you doing in Osaka? Study abroad? As for parks here in Kyoto, not much parks but LOTS of temples and shrines! It just depends on what you really wanna see. I suggest going to Kiyomizudera, Fushimi Inari, Kinkakuji. There is ONE nice area to relax at that I know of called Arashiyama! :)

  8. I teach English at a few children's conversation schools in Nara :) I'm hoping to change next year into some art/design jobs but job searching in Japanese is really intimidating D:
    I've hit up kiyomizudera, kinkakuji, nijo-jo, the manga museum, nene no michi, and a couple other places, so I'd like to try some more unknown-but-local places I guess..? Lol I dunno, the crowds in Kyoto are crazy though.
    Thanks for reminding me of Arashiyama! I've had a co-worker mention that area to me, and I totally forgot, oops. Lol I'm going to have to make plans for a trip there.
    So what do you think of the kansai area and kansai-ben? Is it harder to understand than hyoujungo?

  9. wow! how long have you been here already? good luck finding an art/design job! hope you find one soon :)

    other places i guess there's always hanging out by kamogawa river! other than that, i'm still discovering a few new places as well. i'll be sure to let you know! but the tourist season should be ending soon according to my japanese friends. actually, some time this week!

    haha i like kansai-ben. some of it slowly crept it's way into my vocab already. still a bit hard to understand because it's too fast, but i like it. :) and i do think it's harder to understand than hyoujungo!! x___x what do you think?

  10. Not for very long. I came to Japan last year in April :) But I had been on school trips to Kyoto in high school for our summer exchange program and then a similar program in college. My recent trip to Kyoto was actually my first time in Kyoto without a tour D: Sad I know...

    Yea, let me know..! I'm also interested in seeing undiscovered gems within big cities :)

    Yea, I think kansai people speak really fast. It's really hard to understand the older generation ;o; But I learned that Kyoto's dialect of kansai-ben is a little different from Osaka. Nara's is a little different too T_T it's so complicated sometimes lol But I've never taken a Japanese class for a long time, so a lot of my Japanese I learned from my husband's family. All very fast speaking kansai people lol I'm gonna have to sign for a language school one day and fix it a little :P

    Do you come to Osaka often..?

  11. when do you go back to your home country? or are you living here already because you're married?

    I haven't been to Nara yet! i'm planning on going definitely though some time soon!

    yeah kyoto-ben i know is different from osaka-ben but it's still all the same to me haha :)

    i go to osaka every so often but haven't lately because i've been so busy with school ; ____ ;

  12. We're already married, but we'll probably go back to America.. Not sure when right now since the job situation is kind of crappy stateside. :<

    Aw, you should definitely check Nara out. I love feeding the deer in Nara Park..! :D

    Aww, that's a shame school keeps you so busy ;__; Good luck with it though! Hopefully you'll get some freetime soon..!! :D