May 29, 2010

Another rainy day in paradise.

I ordered this Chanel wannabe top/dress from a Korean store online, so I’ve been pretty much dying to wear this out. Me and the boyfriend decide to go out shopping, so I took the opportunity. Living in Hawaii, something like this would be sorta hot to be caught in, but luckily the weather was very cold and rainy. PERFECT! I pretty much threw over the mesh knit oversized cardigan (although it is in size XS) just to add a little something to the outfit. A very simple outfit? I’m actually not quite sure. Maybe to some.

These are the first pair of shoes I wore with it. I originally wanted to wear boots, but then I felt that the boots were a little too much. (I have pics of this outfit with the boots later on down this entry.) I love these flats though so so much. Very comfy and I always get complimented on them! On the Seychelles website, there are flats that look exactly like these, but are around $80!! I got mine for $12 at Ross.

These are the accessories I wore. Now that I think of it, none of them match. :P Oh well.

So the next pic is features the outfit with the boots.

I love these boots. Very comfy and I love the color as well as how it has that loose effect around my leg. Not to mention the slight height it gives me :)

What do you guys think? Flats or boots? Pick one and tell me why :) Please and thank you! I'd love to hear your opinions!


    look at the recent pictures i took with izumi! i have a t-shirt really similar to that!

  2. LOL! I JUST SAW IT! SERIOUSLY! WTF :D in a good way ;) aww you really are the korilakkuma to my rilakkuma! :D photoshoot is a definite must next time!