September 17, 2012

If I were a boy. (pic heavy)

This past week has been a rather boyish one for me. Come to think of it, I was actually always comfortable with being and acting like a tomboy since I was little (thanks to growing up with my brother who I have always seen as a role model and the countless of anime and video games where I wished to be the male leads). Don't get me wrong, I love the girly style too and well, I am definitely a girl, but I do honestly feel that with my weird-ass personality, boyish fits in well with me.

I was always envious of the girls with slender arms and legs with feminine hands (*cough cough, like Monica*) and even though I'm short in height, I lack in slender features. T_____T

Well, I've been told I'd make a pretty boy. There was also one time in Japan when I wasn't even intentionally dressing up boyish, another Japanese male called me an ikemen. It's good to know I'd at least make an attractive boy. :3

The other day, Monica and I had a mini photoshoot in her polka dotted room before we left for a small shindig with our other friends. 

Monica and I trying to laugh candidly.
so prriittaaaaayy~

Polka dots!

And then before actually leaving we take another hour fooling around with photobooth!

Doing the "Juvy Lips"
Doing the "Monica Lips"
KYAAWAAIIII~ (for miss Tifuani <3 p="p">

Okay so now we're at our friend's (Lance) VERY oshare place in town. Just chilled, played some beer pong, danced around in the living room (while Lance was on his set) and pretty much re-lived my younger days haha. It was much needed after a stressful week <3 p="p">

How effing cute is Aya-chan?! <3 td="td">

DJ Monrabu in the hausu!

aaahh, they make me feel young again :3
Lastly, how appropriate to mention a girl who is both gorgeous as a girl but effing hot dressed in her tomboy style: f(x)'s Amber. I recently got the famous Gerlan Jean's Leopard Lip varsity jacket in that she sported in their MV 'Pinocchio'. I remember being in total love with that jacket the first time I saw it and now I have one for my own! 

What great timing that I have short blonde hair, because now it's inspired me to do a makeup tutorial on Amber's makeup in that MV. It's so simple but I love the look. Hope to get that up soon! What do you guys think?


  1. OMG YOU POSTED YOUR PHOTOBOOTH PICS LOLOLOL <3 :D Juvy no wonder you are the boyfriend in the relationship LOL hawt boy ;) p.s I lub your shoes <33

  2. Awwwwwww you look like a cute boy. Haha. I always say it, but you and Mon seem to have the BEST friendship!! I love it.

    1. Aw thank you so much! Haha me and moni are weird as hell seriously I think that's why we get along so well haha

  3. Yay for pic heavy posts :D
    I love all the photos :D i actually think you look good being kinda tomboy-ish also :]
    And that jacket looks quite nice on you~ I can see the Amber resemblance with your hair like that and everything ;D lol

    I can't wait for the make up tutorial!
    Hope all goes well~

  4. :3 i always feel like i should only choose 1 or 2 pics, but i just can't! hahaha. and yeah, i mean i love dressing up girly and doing girly things like makeup but sometimes i swear i feel so awkward with my mannerisms! haha.

    i really like the jacket! i'm going to be dying my hair back to brown some time soon though so i hope i can do the vid soon ^_____^

  5. You really do pull of the tomboy look really nice! Your still pretty though!
    You really do look just like amberrrr omgg

  6. thanks bebeh! and LOL! and oh those are the gf's shoes :3

  7. thank you! and yaaaaayy gawd she's too gorgeous. i wish i could dance like her though haha

  8. I totally love this look on you. I think the glasses are the perfect accessory. The hair is amazing. You look great!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Gah, you are cute and beautiful no matter what. But tomboy!Juvy is amaaaaazing! I actually wish I had a somewhat androgynous look to me, but my face is really girly I guess orz You're lucky~!

  10. aw thank you ^___^ i guess it's fun to be able to pull off both :P and you're a cutie yourself, even if you feel like your face is really girly, i think if you have the right facial attitude, androgyny can be achieved lololol

  11. Omfgggg *u* I'm in your blogpost *dies of happiness haha

    And omfg. I LOL'd at the photo booth pictures! マジウケる!!o(^▽^)o

  12. You and Monica are just too cute. :3

    Funny how you got called "ikemen" but it's definitely not a bad thing in my opinion. Especially in Japan where the boys are prettier than a lot of girls (wtf). XD But in all seriousness, you're such a pretty girl! :D

  13. aw thank you :) hahaha. yeah i mean i didn't mind being called an ikemen! it made me feel kakkoii ;)

  14. OMG. This post is life. lolll I've always been the tomboy and my bff is super girly. In a good way of course. :) Sometimes tomboy has it's perks too. Like....being cool looking? hahaa idk but don't worry, tomboy style rocks ^____^ ps, damn Monica and her slender legs and arms D:

  15. that is true! haha! :3

    i know! monica and feminine features!! *shakes fist in air*


    you guys are so fun. tbh, i envy how versatile you are with your style. and i've said it before, but blonde REALLY works for you.
    AHHH, i'm so upset i couldn't make a hawaii visit happen. next time!

  17. LOL! aaaawww thank you thank you :3 i think i'm gonna keep blonde one last time (maintain it one more time) and then dye it something else >< gonna miss it! it's just such a hassle to take care of.

    but awwww when that hawaii visit happens LET US KNOW ASAP! :D