August 29, 2012

pinklovesoxygen purikura summer 2012

Tomorrow is Janis' last day in Hawaii before going back to California! Gonna really miss her. She seriously is one of my closest friends that DEFINITELY understands me like no other. Out of the 3 months she was back, we finally got to take purikura together. A lot of the puri we take consist of many inside jokes. So, don't mind if you don't get what the hell we write on our puri. We don't make sense. :)

Some more purikura we took~







We left one of our purikura on the wall of purikuras at Funpix~ I wish we brought colorful pens but oh well. Oh, and also added in shameless plugs lol.


  1. Lol at the shameless plugs xD
    All the purikura is so cute, and I love your necklace :D
    I hope you had fun before she leaves back to California!

  2. Ohhhh, that place is so much fun! My BFF took me there earlier this month when I came to Hawaii to visit her!