June 16, 2010

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming up next month (July 8) and I usually don't really ask for anything. This time though I do have a wishlist. It's not much, I only have like 2 main items I really want.

Recently, my friend Monica purchased a super stylish compact SLR called the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 (in white).

It's so retrofully beautiful! I love the simplicity of it. I've always wanted an SLR but the bulkyness and heaviness of one would often turn me off. So thank you Monica for doing the research for me :P hehehehehe! The only problem is that the white one is currently only being sold in Japan, so the menu language is in Japanese (They have it in Europe but there's a 30minute time-limit in movie mode). I guess it won't bother me too much since I'm currently majoring in Japanese ANYWAY lol. (Which reminds me, I really need to get a move on on studying!)

I looked at another option, the Olympus PEN EP1 (in white).

Pretty much the same specs as the GF1. I was about to go for this one because currently, Shirokiya is having a sale on this camera for around $560. I did my research on both cameras and I was gonna go with the PEN when I found ONE flaw...it takes such a long time focusing. UGH! That, and also the menu is harsh to the eyes (well to mine anyway). Okay so I guess that's two flaws haha. The GF1 menu is so light and airy, it's really easy to follow and reader friendly.

The thing I really like about these 2 cameras though is that they are modeled after pinhole cameras circa 1959.

I spent hours and hours watching comparison videos, reading comparison articles and just staring at the cameras side by side. The verdict? The GF1.

2. Chanel Black 2.55 Flap Bag

Yes yes yes, I've always wanted a Chanel bag. I doubt I'll get it this birthday, but I thought I'd just keep adding to any wishlist of mine. Whats there to explain? This is a classic. A must in every girl's wardrobe.

3. Casio Ex-word xd-sp6600 (pink or white)

This of course will benefit more than anything else on my wishlist. I'm not too familiar with what's a good Japanese Dictionary. I've tried a pocket dictionary (cheaper!) and it works well but the time I spend flipping through pages to find what I need is a little irritating. I've tried iPhone apps too, and it does work really well for me but it drains my battery. My friend Monica (once again) actually has one of these so I'm gonna stick with what I'm familiar since I'm a noob in this area.

4. The Beatles LP 'Rubber Soul'

I've been collecting records and I've been on the lookout for this record at my local thrift record shops but no luck. Actually, any Beatles LP other than the ones I already have is on my wishlist! I know I can just get this and others on eBay, but finding it on my own at a thrift store gives me such a satisfaction, it's exciting!


  1. NOOOOOOOOOO go for lumix! I've tried a lot of cameras but the Lumix always has the best lens (they're leica lenses). As for the Japanese...I don't really read anything on the camera. I just play around with it (ahahaha that's what she said). But, if by all means, you can't get the camera, then yeah :(

    and Chanel bag!!!! I always wanted one too :( but the prices are ridiculous...I'll just go to Korea and find a fake one lol

  2. what a great wishlist poo!! i really hope you get your camera!!!!!! :D and test it out on our future photoshoots together... hehehehehehe

    yesss the chanel bag!! A CLASSIC!!! ;D that japanese dictionary would be very handy to have too...

    and yes, the RUBBER SOUL ALBUM! :DDDDDD great stuff poo

  3. monica - hehe, yeah in the end the GF1 totally beat out the PEN! :D But I'm currently watching a GF1 being sold on ebay! So I hope I can get it soon!
    I know! I was thinking of just getting a fake chanel bag :P

    poo - :D I know! I can't wait either! so exciiittedd