June 09, 2010

Double Fantasy

I'm gonna try and post items that I collect or that are in my room and write a small review on it. Many who know me, know that I'm a huge Beatles fan as well as a huge John Lennon fan. (Beatles fans: recognize the "Beatles for Sale" photo in the back?) Anyway, I've been collecting records and photo books (not only of Beatles, though majority of my record & photo book collection are Beatles.)

Let's start with John Lennon's last album before his tragic death, Double Fantasy. Infamously pictured kissing Yoko Ono. When I was young I remembered this picture, I could recognize it off the bat.

Here's the track listing:
1 (Just Like) Starting Over
2 Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him
3 Cleanup Time
4 I'm Losing You
5 I'm Moving On
6 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
7 Watching The Wheels
8 I'm Your Angel
9 Dear Yoko
10 Beautiful Boys
11 Kiss Kiss Kiss
12 Woman
13 Hard Times Are Over

I have a lot of favorites from this LP. From John Lennon's Elvis-esque vocals & sound on "(Just Like) Starting Over" to Yoko Ono's electronica, avant-garde, orgasm-reaching "Kiss Kiss Kiss". This LP has everything. Beautiful love ballads like "Woman", cute touching songs that can make you cry like "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)", a song he wrote to his son, Sean Lennon.

It's a tragic shame that John Lennon isn't here today. I still cry about it. He was such a creative genius. There will never be no other like him. RIP.

I hope you guys check it out :)


  1. i love this poo, i think it's awesome to post about your collection and things in your room in addition to your awesome fashion posts!

    as a newly devoted fan, im so glad that u shared ur love of beatles with me.. i certainly can relate to john lennon's music & agree that he was a creative genius.. it's really sad that he died before our time.. me and ian need to have a karaoke session with you when we come back.. singing beatles songs! yay!

  2. btw you look cute in your picture!! ;D

  3. aw thanks poo! yes spreading the Beatles love all around the world :) I'm glad you guys love them as much as i do! we definitely will have a beatles session :) miss you so much!

  4. you so cuteeeeeeeeee. omg you should come over. look at my daddy's collection hahaha ;3
    rock bank soon?!

  5. yeah! i should totally bring my rock band over to your place :3 if your papa and mama are okay with that!