June 23, 2010


So, me and Janis are skyping and we start talking about possible blogspot usernames. Names that deal with fashion.

I'm debating whether I want to change from 'oalimay' to 'fassionfruit' (haha yes like passionfruit). I originally wanted to change it to FASHIONFRUIT but that name is taken by someone who doesn't even blog. What a waste. I wanted a name that someone can easily say "Did you see the new post from FASHIONFRUIT?" or something. Something people can easily remember.

Don't get me wrong, I like having 'oalimay', it's a very personable username because it's basically my last name spelled backwards (for those of you wondering what the hell it means).

What do you guys think? FASSIONFRUIT.BLOGSPOT.COM

Janis and I also started making up FASHIONPOO (Janis and I call each other 'poo'. It's our nickname for each other). Knowing us, we usually talk up a storm and let our imagination run wild. We start joking about one thing and then it becomes a huge story and we end with "wait, how did we start talking about this again?" *bursts into laughter*.

When we started talking about FASHIONPOO.BLOGSPOT.COM, we came up with this as our motto:

EAT FASHION. POO FASHION. (Because you try things and if it doesn't work, then...poo)

then she came up with this as an idea for a photoshoot for the banner:

"There should be a picture of you trying to eat clothes on a plate, with a fork and knife in hand. salivating, your next outfit or some shoes on a plate with a pendant on top for the topping or somethign white.. and then like a fruit pendant on top make it look like desesert and you're about to eat it with a glass of pearls" - Janis

(p.s. yes there are typos in that quote but I'm keeping it that way because you can see how excited and hilarious this was for us)

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