June 24, 2010


NOTE TO SELF (062310)
  1. Buy a new (cute yet practical) planner. Yeah, I sort of have a thing for planners. I often buy a lot of them, use them for a good amount of time and then without finishing it up, buy another one. It's my life's mission to actually complete a planner to the last page!
  2. Re-dye my roots. I guess I'll save this for when Janis comes back to Hawaii or when Fall 2010 starts.
  3. Garage Sale. This is a must. Ebay was working fine so far, but I'm gonna try my luck at doing a garage sale.
  4. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. That's always on the agenda but hard to practice. I really need to though.
  5. 日本語勉強する!!I really need to brush up on my Japanese. Btw, anyone know of any good Japanese bands/singers/songs I could listen to? I really need to immerse myself. (Sorry Beatles, I need to give you a rest for a bit...although that's probably not gonna happen).
  6. Keep up with a good diet. So far so good. Haven't checked my weight lately, but I'm fitting into my clothes a lot better.
  7. Draw more. I had a passion for drawing but it's so hard to find the time to relax and draw my life away.
  8. WASH MY CAR. It's been how long already...more than a couple of months! Yikes! AND my car is white. :[
  9. Blog more. I feel like when I blog, a bit of stress is lifted from me. I feel like typing what I feel at the moment or typing what I want to type about helps organize my thoughts.
  10. Enjoying my life while I can. Giving love and having fun with my family, boyfriend, friends and myself.


  1. 1. there are a lot of cute planners here (ahem rilakkuma ahem). let me know if you want one :)))) it is your birthday after all.
    2. twins again. i gotta do this soon too.
    3. sell my stuff for me ahhhhhh
    4. save for japan!
    5. omg listen to aiko (you might like her lyrics), exile (because they're pretty hot) and if you want more rock/emo/jazz/acoustic you should listen to SID and UVERworld :3
    6. *note to self* need to buy a scale to even tell you about my weight.
    7. did you take art class? i remember your drawings from xanga hehe :) i haven't drawn anything "serious" in ages
    8. toss some bread slices in there too :D
    9. same here ><
    10. LOVE <3

  2. 1. omgomg :3 well if you see something you know i'd like (and i know you know what i like haha!!) then aww thank you!!

    2. twins! forever!

    3. oooo! yeah i would help you sell your stuff!

    4. YES! :D

    5. I will! thanks!!

    6. I dont even want to step on one just yet!!

    7. I did take art classes..although I never really took them seriously. I took my acting class more seriously. lol! but yeah I haven't drawn anything serious in a while too. just doodles.

    8. LOL! omg! I totally forgot about that !! hahahaha!

    9. da ne~