June 13, 2010

You Lucky Dog!

HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY LUCKY (Jack Russell x Chihuahua)♡
You've been a good girl for 6 years and counting!

Kakashi (Cardigan Corgi x Chihuahua) chewing on his treat :)

Her birthday was filled with balloons and bubbles! Her faves!
(Don't mind me, it was so hot that day!! I look so oily!)
I love you forever and ever ♡♡♡


  1. So cute!! i can't get enough! lucky looks really happy & excited! :D i can feel her excitement all the way from here! yay happy 6th birthday lucky! kashi is chillin' out saying, "yeahh i got my treat.." best birthday ever!

    sorry poo i fell asleep so i couldn't chat on skype! =(

  2. OMGGGGGGGGG can I come over and play with rockband AND your dogs?! I always wanted a dog but I think I'm more of a cat person...but I really want a pug :(((